SalesPad Opens New Business Management App

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SalesPad is set for a beta release of SalesPad 7thStage, its business management integration for Intuit® QuickBooks® Online.

In November, business owners and managers can implement enterprise functionality with SalesPad 7thStage (now known as SalesPad Cloud). Its applications are being launched at Intuit’s QuickBooks Connect 2015 conference, which is November 2 to 4 at San Jose Convention Center in San Jose.

SalesPad was established in 2003 by CEO Pete Eardley and President Matt Williams to better suit the needs of businesses using the financial management program Microsoft® Dynamics Great Plains (GP) and, later, users of QuickBooks. Last year at QuickBooks Connect in San Jose, Eardley and Williams saw an opportunity to develop an add-on for the increasingly popular application QuickBooks Online, as more and more companies move to cloud-based solutions.

Designed to give small- and medium-sized retailers, manufacturers, and service industry establishments a better way to stay competitive and manage operations in today’s technological landscape, 7thStage lets users monitor nearly every facet of their business, from front end Point of Sale (POS) to back of house inventory
and warehouse management.

“We started with our first product for customer service, order entry, and, virtually any part of business operations or sales,” Williams said. “We know it really well. We know how customers use it and we’ve seen many companies grow because of it.

“Naturally, the next step was to take those functionalities and put them on a web-based solution. That’s exactly what we’ve done. We foresaw an opportunity and brought it to life. We call it 7thStage.”

The name, derived from Eastern philosophy, represents reaching balance and clarity. 7th Stage users can use it to control and oversee inventories in customizable, flexible, and very precise ways — something users have trouble doing on QuickBooks Online without the app.

Professionals and business ProAdvisors call it a game changer because it brings big business functions and options to small businesses — and at a very small price. Each user pays an introductory $99 subscription fee per month.

7thStage is in open beta until May 2016. During the open beta period, users can test the software for free. When the application goes live, the first 50 companies using the software then get a 60-day free trial before paying the subscription fee.

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