SalesPad Mobile Means Mobility for Dynamics GP Users

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With increasing dependence on mobile apps in personal lives, many companies and their employees seek to bring the power of mobility to their workplaces for increased productivity and on-the-go access.

The average American uses their smartphone 46 times daily, according to a recent Deloitte study.

SalesPad Mobile gives Microsoft Dynamics GP users on-the-go access to manage customers, sales, and inventory from any iPhone, iPad, or Android mobile device.

The mobile version of SalesPad Desktop offers true mobility. With offline mode, users can continue working even when SalesPad Mobile’s connection to its server is inaccessible.

SalesPad Mobile provides “access to customers, contacts, inventory levels, and to manage dispatch,” said Matt Greyerbiehl, SalesPad sales engineer.

SalesPad Mobile is perfect for:

  • Service-based companies, i.e. HVAC, landscaping, plumbing, and electrical contractors.
  • Outside sales teams.
  • Dispatch and delivery.
  • Trade shows.

For instance, with traditional distribution companies with outside sales teams, the mobile application allows “them to directly enter those (products) into the SalesPad-(Microsoft Dynamics) GP environment as well as look up inventory levels and look up what’s available,” Greyerbiehl said.

“There also an additional CRM function. If you have a conversation, you don’t lose that intelligence.”

SalesPad Mobile’s features include:

  • Customer look up.
  • Contact look up.
  • CRM.
  • Sales history.
  • Inventory look up.
  • Sales document entry.
  • Sales document forwarding.
  • Signature capture.
  • Dispatch.
  • Offline mode.

Regardless of whether onsite or away from a workspace, SalesPad Mobile enables staying connected.

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