SalesPad Innovates’ Helps Fence Outlet Go Paperless

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Unless you have already made the leap to being a paperless company, there are non-essential expenses tethering your business to the industrial age.

With this issue in mind and a desire for a more efficient workflow, Orlando-based Fence Outlet decided a solution was necessary.

Fence Outlet installs fences for residential and commercial settings, with six locations in Florida. Its approach involves an initial on-site meeting, working with customers to come up with the desired fence design, including height, material, contour, and gate locations. The process requires attention to detail, drawing and, you guessed it, a whole lot of paper.

With a set of tablets ready for a more paperless approach, Fence Outlet’s team was able to describe their dream to us, giving the SalesPad Innovates solution services team an opportunity to create something unlike anything we had created before.

Expanded functionality was added to SalesPad Desktop through the customization, allowing users to draw and save an image onto an order. This gave customers a look at what their project will become. SalesPad also created a new form for Fence Outlet, matching the style and nuances of their current install contract.

A more digital approach was not only taken to save on material cost. The change was also put into motion to improve productivity.

While their customers and inventory were stored in SalesPad Desktop, the quoting process has been disconnected from the rest of their business.

The integration of Fence Outlet’s quoting form will ultimately keep the fine details connected to each order. The days of having to fish in a filing cabinet for ORD3394’s form or tediously scanning a printed report and saving it as an attachment to the order every time is over.

— Andrew Michienzi

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