SalesPad Employees Take Part in Fifth Third River Bank Run

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This past Saturday, we were very proud to have a group of 25 employees participate in the FIfth Third River Bank Run in downtown Grand Rapids.

Team Photo at the Office

Participants chose between a 5K, 10K, and 25K race, or a 5K dance/walk, and we were lucky enough to have runners in all four categories. The clear skies and low humidity provided the runners with beautiful racing weather.

The Team in Action

Check out the stats for this year’s running team:

5K Run (3.1 miles):

Carina VanderMeer – 39 min, 41 sec

Emily Cefaratti – 33 min, 50 sec

Jeff Houtz – 29 min, 0 sec

Joseph McKnight – 56 min, 7 sec

Kandace Gordon – 40 min, 26 sec

Kreg Losinski – 21 min, 56 sec

Paul DeBoer – 24 min, 29 sec

Sarah Massirio – 39 min, 42 sec

Shelby Swofford – 33 min, 50 sec

Wesley Krug – 30 min, 36 sec

5K Dance/Walk (3.1 miles):

Alysa Callahan – 1 hour, 6 min, 36 sec

Maggie Younce – 1 hour, 6 min, 33 sec

Megan Malfer – 1 hour, 6 min, 35 sec

10K Run (6.2 miles):

Adam Clarke – 40 min, 20 sec

Brian Werth – 1 hour, 10 min, 1 sec

Jeff Reame – 1 hour, 4 min, 31 sec

Jennifer Jurgens – 1 hour, 29 min, 53 sec

Joe Alt III – 48 min, 40 sec

Kelli Zerbel – 1 hour, 29 min, 53 sec

Lara Brinkmeyer – 1 hour, 10 min, 53 sec

Matthew Greyerbiehl – 1 hour, 17 min, 19 sec

Sean Meredith – 1 hour, 4 min, 31 sec

Travis Mix – 1 hour, 4 min, 53 sec

Zach Dodge – 52 min, 23 sec

25K Run (15.5 miles):

Christopher Callahan – 3:28:02

This was the first 5K of 2018 for Paul DeBoer, who joined SalesPad this past spring as the Digital Operations Manager.

“I felt good after, but the hills were pretty tough. I usually run around my neighborhood, and it’s pretty flat,” he said after the race.

Maggie Younce, a Sales Engineer at SalesPad, completed the 5K Walk with two of her coworkers, Alysa Callahan and Megan Malfer. This was her first time participating in a 5K, and she joined to give her daughter Penelope (our youngest participant, pictured below) some fresh air and a new experience.

“We didn’t dance or run during the event, but our conversations took us far,” she said after the race. “We made it to the finish line before our jokes made it to the punchline.”

Maggie Younce and the Girls

There were refreshments provided at the finish line, such as water, Gatorade, oranges, bagels, and cereal bars. Finish Fest was held at Calder Plaza where participants could see live shots from the finish line, enjoy live music and food catered from Buffalo Wild Wings, and — what a person from Beer City, USA naturally needs after a long run — cold beer!

A cold brew after a long run

Find more pictures from the race on our Facebook page!


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