SalesPad Desktop: How to Get More for Your Money

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Whether you’ve recently gone live with SalesPad Desktop or deep down you know you could be getting more out of the software, it seems like there’s always more functionality to learn. To help you make the most of your investment, we’ve put together a list of some of our favorite tools SalesPad Desktop has to offer. Take a gander and see how you can get more out of what you already have, and continue your journey toward becoming a SalesPad Desktop power user.Achieve More with SalesPad Desktop

Start tracking cases.

Case Tracker makes short work of tracking customer issues, item notes, linked documents, and other pertinent details. Make sure everyone’s on the same page with shared notes, easily accessed resources, user-defined fields, and more. Case Tracker lets you create as many issue, cause, and resolution codes as you want and use these to keep track of what’s causing customer issues.

When customer satisfaction is on the line, your method for resolving issues has to be water-tight. We have yet to see the company that runs perfectly all the time (although we’re sure yours comes pretty close), and when problems arise, it’s imperative to keep all the details straight. Case Tracker is just the tool you need to log all the information, resources, and staff necessary to fix issues in a timely manner, every time. 

Go crazy with user-defined fields.

This is likely a feature you’re well aware of, and it’s one we talk about all the time, but it’s worth mentioning because the options are nearly endless. SalesPad Desktop allows you to create user-defined fields (UDFs) that can be customized to meet your specific business needs. Fields can be created on a host of different business objects, from sales documents to the item master.

These tailored fields are fantastic for tracking specific product lines, an item’s condition, or even tracking market segments. They can also be used in tandem with workflow to further customize and shape the movement of your business documents.

Attach resources.

Using resources is a terrific way to maintain important customer or item-related documentation. Resources are files attached to various business objects, such as customer fields, items, lots, orders and lines. 

Some common uses for resources include: 

  • Documents for ISO/FDA certifications
  • Blueprints and MSDS forms
  • Product images
  • Quality issue documentation and photos

Using resources in SalesPad Desktop is a useful way to keep relevant documents organized, and these documents can be easily printed or emailed. And any tool that makes it easier to keep your files organized is already saving you time and increasing efficiency.

Get smart(er) with your workflow.

Get smart(er) with your workflow.

There are several ways to transform SalesPad Desktop’s Workflow Module into a document routing powerhouse. Here are a few of our favorites.

Auto-forwarding queues

By adding a “+” symbol to the end of your workflow queue name, SalesPad Desktop recognizes that this queue should execute automatically. When configured in this manner, workflow can send email confirmations to specific recipients, split a document based on user-defined criteria, create a purchase order, and much more, all with the touch of a single button.

To really automate your processes, you can chain together multiple auto-forwarding queues. As long as a document is moved from one auto-forwarding queue into another, each action specified in the workflow setup will take place automatically until the document lands in the desired “static” batch (a batch with no “+” symbol at the end of it).

Smart Printing

Stop manually emailing all those order confirmations! Get the Smart Printing module set up and let workflow do the emailing for you. With Smart Printing configured in your company’s workflow, you can send multiple documents to multiple recipients at different stages of the document’s life span. We frequently see Smart Printing set up in several workflow queues, automatically taking care of a huge amount of business communication. 

Splitting sales documents

Workflow can be configured to split sales documents automatically based on a host of parameters defined in the Security Editor. Once you have your desired split criteria assigned, setting the Split Sales Document plugin on a workflow line will automatically split the document as it moves through the queue.

Splitting automatically is a great way to keep your documents moving forward when you have orders shipping from different warehouses, orders that are partially backordered, or orders that ship to multiple addresses. You can even configure documents to split based on a custom field, giving you ultimate control over how and when documents are split.

Unleash the power of Sales Monitor.

Sales Monitor provides a complete view of all open sales documents in your system and each document’s status. Individual users can configure their Sales Monitor to show only open documents that are most important to them, and, if allowed, can move documents between batches from this module.

A SalesPad Custom Procedure offers you even greater control by letting you monitor batch hours, batch days, and alerts (scroll down on our Sales Monitor documentation to see how to make these changes).

These are just a few of our hand-selected specimens that demonstrate how you can achieve more with SalesPad Desktop, but there’s a whole slew of other tools at your disposal, all designed for maximizing efficiency and productivity.

If you want to make sure you’re getting the most out of your SalesPad Desktop investment, look no further than our Business Process Review. During a BPR, we put your SalesPad Desktop usage under a microscope and examine every facet of your business. If we find an area of your business that falls short of efficiency expectations, we make suggestions for revamping the tools you’re using to make them more productive and effective. If this sounds like just what the doctor ordered, drop us a line to see how we can help. After all, we exist to make distribution operations radically better.

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