SalesPad Desktop Adding New DataCollection Modules

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SalesPad Desktop (formerly SalesPad GP) has a series of new modules coming this year that will enable our users to integrate with Microsoft Dynamics GP‘s Manufacturing module.

Coming in June, DataCollection will support four functions of the Component Transaction Entry screen: Issue/Reverse Issue and Scrap/Reverse Scrap. This new functionality will be available on the Windows Mobile application, as well as the iOS version coming out in August.

DataCollection will combine the precision of Warehouse Management System (WMS) and the powerful manufacturing back end of Microsoft Dynamics GP to streamline your manufacturing picking process.

Using serial or lot tracked items? Quickly scan and commit the items to your Manufacturing Order.

And, of course, we have support for a multi-bin setup.

SalesPad Desktop support for Manufacturing will be coming out in a couple of months in the form of Configurator.

Configurator is a powerful Sales Line plug-in that will let you quickly and easily configure a manufactured item to your customer’s specifications.

Selling computers? Instead of selling individual parts, you can set up all your customizable options in advance and walk through them with the customer on the phone. No need to memorize all the different sizes of monitors you offer, just select from the list.

Want more RAM? No problem. Order entry time will drop drastically and your customer service representatives can stop worrying about forgetting an option.

Using Configurator, you can dynamically create new items in GP along with the Bill of Materials needed to create that item. That way, all you have to do is set up the options and when a customer orders a particular configuration, SalesPad will create that specific item for you with no hassle.

We will also be adding general compatibility for Manufacturing in SalesPad GP. Features include:

  • Bill of Materials – Create, read, update, or delete BOMs used by Dynamics GP Manufacturing.
  • Routings – Create, read, update or delete.
  • Manufacturing Orders – Create MOs directly from a Sales Document.

Configurator utilizes these new functions to quickly setup new BOMs and routings for a requested item, allowing you to start an MO so you can start the process of manufacturing your customer’s customized item quickly.

We’re excited to get these products out and available to our users, but no software is ever complete at launch. We’re always looking to improve our products and offer more functionality to our users.
AJ Freeburg

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