SalesPad Customization Maximizes ROI

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While some might write and others might customize software, SalesPad Custom crafts software.

SalesPad’s Custom Development team creates made-to-order business management applications that come from more than a decade of working one-on-one with businesses to solve their problems. That expertise and experience mean customized solutions that answer specific needs and deliver specified results.

The reality is no out-of-the-box software — from ERPs and CRMs to accounting and warehouse apps — can ever satisfy expectations of any organization or business.

“A company with an enterprise application that fits 80 percent to 90 percent of its requirements without customization should consider itself fortunate,” SalesPad Director of Innovations Joe Alt said. “Our mission is to bridge that 10 to 20 percent gap between our clients’ expectations and the native capabilities of their application environment.”

“The organizations we work with not only want to leverage their … (software) to maximize its value to the people who interact with it on a daily basis, but they also want to maximize its value to the business as a whole.”

SalesPad Custom efforts are tied directly to client priorities. Those can include one-off projects, business evaluations or more extensive projects, such as functionality and value expansions of software systems. These systems are typically integrated with, but not limited to, SalesPad’s product suite, Microsoft Dynamics GP, and/or Intuit QuickBooks and QuickBooks Online.

The possibilities include:

  • Process reviews
  • Custom screens
  • Business intelligence and analytics
  • Data conversions and migrations
  • Mobile integrations
  • Customizations of existing software packages

“We know the challenges manufacturing and distribution companies grapple with, from the shop floor to the front office; we know business process and our clients know our customizations will integrate with their existing SalesPad solution,” Alt said.

“SalesPad has been writing innovation software for 12 years. Working with us streamlines your business processes. This is what we do.”


Ferris Coffee & Nut Co. worked with SalesPad Custom to develop custom functionality for the Grand Rapids, Michigan, company’s mobile application for delivering coffee by their drivers.

“They asked us the right questions, showed us their proposed customizations, and provided us with all the information we needed to perform a cost-benefit analysis,” said Cody Pike, Ferris’ chief operating officer. “Then there were a lot of conversations and a lot of changes, and we had daily communication with them.

“Every time we asked, ‘Can we do x?,’ the answer was either ‘Yes’ or ‘Here’s a better way to do it.’ That feedback loop between us and them produced real results.”

In addition, SalesPad Custom did a process review for Ferris Coffee & Nut.

“They came onsite for a day and spent time with each of our departments, from customer service to manufacturing. They analyzed our document workflow and pain-points and also worked with us on our wish-list,” Pike said.

“From that one-day review, they delivered a 25-page document detailing their findings and presenting their recommendations.

“That allowed us to work through expectations — theirs and ours — and develop a phased approach to improving our workflows and developing dashboards for our customer service department. We thought we knew what we wanted, but the process review opened our eyes to new value-added possibilities.”


Headwaters Incorporated had a subsidiary needing to migrate its existing ERP system to Dynamics GP.

To do so was going to be almost impossible without a new customized product configurator and existing SalesPad Desktop pricing functionality that was capable of managing the complex build-to-order and price-to-order business operations needed by the Wixom, Michigan, company. Both were unsupported by Dynamics GP out of the box.

To ensure retaining necessary functions, SalesPad Custom team worked with Headwaters customer service, IT, and manufacturing departments on a customized product configurator capable of processing myriad permutations in component-part attributes and finished-product variations.

“We’re a very small staff. So, we want to minimize our internal involvement with software customizations,” said Kate Rosiu, an ERP support and implementation analyst for Headwaters.

“We called in SalesPad so that when we upgrade in a year or so, we don’t face the challenges most people do when they customize their ERP system. We didn’t want the changes to SalesPad made by a third party.”

In addition, SalesPad Custom worked with Headwaters’ pricing maintenance team to tailor a versatile and automated pricing tool to manage and maintain thousands of pricing deviations based on part numbers, customer discount arrangements, and other variables. Those were done while ensuring customized screens mirrored a previous ERP system as closely as possible.

As it does with many clients, SalesPad Custom operates as an extension of Headwaters’ support and implementation team.

“We have over 200 users on SalesPad, and I am the only support person,” she said. “I can just call (them) and they’ll bail us out big-time. It’s a huge, huge help that their team is there to support us when we need them.”

— Michael Stuhlreyer


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