Google Drive Integration, Customizable User Permissions Included in SalesPad Cloud 3rd Quarter Updates

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It’s that time of year again — time for the quarterly update on what’s been going on in SalesPad Cloud! We’re always working to improve our customers’ experiences with our software, which means that there’ve been a few changes implemented over the past several months.

While you’ve probably encountered some of them already, this post will list a few big changes.

SalesPad Cloud quarter three (3) new features, Google Drive

SalesPad Cloud’s third quarter 2017 updates include a Google Drive integration, the ability to create a new customer straight from a sales document, an option to minimize the list of modules on the left-hand side of the screen, and much more. 

Have an idea on what we should add next? Let us know! Check out our Idea Portal.

Keep your ducks all in a row with integration to Google Drive. 


Great news! We’ve added an integration to Google Drive. Gather all of your resources into one easy-to-access location by connecting your Google Drive account to SalesPad Cloud. Store and quickly access documents (signed quotes, contracts, etc.) pertaining to a specific customer or sales document.

Get more details on Resources and the Google Drive integration here.

Create a customer straight from a sales document. 

create customer.png

No more opening a sales document, realizing that the customer doesn’t exist in SalesPad Cloud yet, navigating to the Customers module, creating the customer, navigating back to the Sales module, reopening the sales document, then finally entering the customer information onto the sales document. Phew! Did you lose your breath reading that?

Get more details on creating new customers from a sales document here.

Give yourself extra room to operate with a collapsible navigation menu.


Look at all that extra real estate! We’ve added the ability to collapse the main navigation pane for improved visibility and usability on every screen. Simply toggle the icon in the top left of your screen to change your view.

Customize user permissions with the new Manage Security module.

Manage Security feature in SalesPad Cloud quarter 3 update

The security functions in SalesPad Cloud have gotten a serious face lift. Create highly customized user groups with specific permissions for setup, sales, inventory, and more. Control who has access to what and who can make changes to sales documents, customers, etc.

Get more details on the Manage Security module.

A couple of how-to quick tips.

Sort through dynamic grid report data more quickly with the auto-filter row. The same auto-filter row that appears on other grids in SalesPad Cloud is now available for dynamic grid reports as well. 

Flag a customer as tax-exempt and enter tax registration numbers. Simplify the tax process for yourself and your customers.

Purchase integrations and implementation packages from the Additional Services tab in Manage Organization. Jumpstart your onboarding or let us do some of the dirty work with comprehensive implementation services that can be purchased right inside SalesPad Cloud.

Until next time. 

Those are some of the highlights, but it’s certainly not a complete list of what has changed this past quarter. For a comprehensive list of SalesPad Cloud updates, look through our release notes.

If you have questions, or want to know more, let us know in the comments below.


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