Customizable Securities, User Defined Fields, and Physical Stock Counts Included in SalesPad Cloud 4th quarter Updates

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It’s that time of year again — time for a look back on what’s been going on in SalesPad Cloud! We’re always working to improve our customers’ experiences with our software, which means that there’ve been a few changes implemented over the past several months. You’ve probably encountered some of them already, but we’ve put together this blog post to call out a few of the big changes.

Customizable Securities, User Defined Fields, and Physical Stock Counts Included in SalesPad Cloud 4th quarter Updates

SalesPad Cloud’s fourth quarter 2017 updates include the ability to create highly customized securities for each and every user, the option to create user defined fields, and much more.

Have an idea on what we should add next? Let us know! Check out our Idea Portal.

Ensure the right permissions are given to each user at your company.

Q4 permisions.png

SalesPad Cloud’s securities functionality has gotten a major face lift. You can now create unique, tailor-made user groups with specific permissions for setup, sales, inventory, and more. Control who has access to what and who can make changes to sales documents, customers, etc.

Get more details on the Manage Security module here.

Store all kinds of information with User Defined Fields.

Q4 UDFs.png

Drumroll, please. We’re introducing user defined fields to SalesPad Cloud! Create your own data fields to display on Customer and Item cards, sales documents, purchase orders, and more. UDFs have dedicated tabs for easy access, and they can be color-coded for visibility. Add up to 30 UDFs per business object.

Get more details here.

Let’s get physical with stock counts in SalesPad Cloud Barcode.

Stock counts just got infinitely easier. No lines involved. Simply scan the inventory in your location with your mobile device, and Barcode will conduct a physical stock count and update your inventory data as you go.

Learn more about our barcoding app here.

A couple of how-to quick tips.

Quickly access your various integrations through the new integrations icon. We got rid of the long line of integration logos in the upper right-hand corner and replaced it with one clean icon. Just click on the icon to quickly see a list of active and inactive integrations.

Accept a signature on a sales document. We’ve added a workflow condition that requires a document be signed in SalesPad Cloud Barcode before it can move forward.

Until next time.

Those are some of the highlights, but it’s certainly not a complete list of what has changed this past quarter. To check out a comprehensive list of SalesPad Cloud updates, look through our release notes.


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