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Intorducing: SalesPad Boost

It’s not every day we release a new product, which is why we’re excited to announce the newest member of the SalesPad family: SalesPad Boost. Launched to help make Microsoft Dynamics GP a little more manageable, SalesPad Boost is available to download for free right now. Here’s a little FAQ to help you get more familiar with the new product.

What is SalesPad Boost?

SalesPad Boost is our new, free application for Dynamics GP users. We created this tool to help distributors increase their efficiency during the COVID-19 crisis and beyond. It’s an add-on application for Dynamics GP that makes the input and retrieval of customer data much simpler.

What does it do?

SalesPad Boost provides easy access and visibility into information that was previously challenging for Dynamics GP users to track down. With Boost, users can quickly search for customers, review their sales documents, and review the items they have purchased in the past. Quick access to this information allows users to increase productivity by reducing those annoying and inherent Dynamics GP system constraints.

What are some of the features?

Just because it’s a simple product doesn’t mean it’s not powerful. Here are a few ways you can expect SalesPad Boost to make using Dynamics GP just a little easier.

  • Easy installation: No special setup or implementation required. Sweet, simple, and satisfying.
  • Advanced search functionality: Search for specific data regarding your customers in one simple field.
  • Sales document visibility: Easily search for any open sales documents. Get a view into document type, date, batch, total, and much more.
  • Customer item history: Search your customers’ item history in a matter of seconds. See who orders the most, and see which items are the most popular.
  • Customer contact address: Need a customer’s address? Just search for a customer to find all of their contact info, including shipping and billing addresses.
  • Reliable security: Employees’ Dynamics GP security credentials apply to Boost. No need to worry about users seeing information they shouldn’t—important information remains confidential.

Why use it?

The current COVID-19 crisis is the perfect time to give your CSR team a boost in efficiency. A SalesPad Boost, that is. 

Whether you’re working from home, part of a skeleton crew, or trying to stay on top of an increase in demand, we want to help during this challenging time. To do so, we created SalesPad Boost as a completely free add-on to Dynamics GP that makes retrieving and entering customer data significantly faster. 

Many distributors are either trying to run lean or to keep their heads above water, and Boost helps with both by: 

  • Granting access to tons of data without the window hopping
  • Simplifying customer search functionality
  • Reducing inherent Dynamics GP system constraints
  • Quickly showing customer purchase history

There are no strings attached here—this is our offering to help distributors seeking greater efficiency during the pandemic. When time is precious, instant access to this information helps CSRs increase productivity and serve customers more effectively.

Who’s it for?

SalesPad Boost is primarily meant for use by CSRs, but anyone who regularly accesses customer-level data within Dynamics GP will find SalesPad Boost incredibly useful.

What’s the value add?

Well, it’s free, for one thing, so there’s zero risk or cost to use it, ever. But the real value is the increase in efficiency it offers. By making data entry and retrieval much simpler, there are sufficient time savings in daily operations for CSRs. Saving time opens up a world of new possibilities, both personally and professionally. Maybe it looks like reinvesting this time in other areas of your business, or maybe it means you no longer have to come in early to fix mistakes from yesterday. Either way, saved time translates to saved money and increased opportunity, which is really what SalesPad Boost aims to offer.

Where can you download SalesPad Boost?

If you’d like to see a little more about SalesPad boost before taking the plunge, you can find more information about it on the dedicated SalesPad boost web page.

For those who need no convincing, a direct download page is also available.

We hope you enjoy the extra productivity offered by this new addition to our software family!

Download SalesPad Boost

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