SalesPad Announces PANELS Customer Awards 2017

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We are happy to announce this year’s Customer Award winners from our PANELS user-partner conference. These awards are given to customers who not only help us improve our business on a daily basis, but also work hard each day to level up their own companies.

This is our first year of presenting awards to our customers, and we have chosen three categories to highlight: the Guru, the Team Player, and the Giver.


The Guru


The Guru award was given to Jason Jeter from Coach Glass, a client who truly pushes SalesPad to the limit. We often say that 80% of our clients use about 20% of the software’s functionality. This is not true for the Guru! If there is a way that our products can help the Guru’s business, you can bet they are going to explore that further. It’s highly likely that they have even taught some SalesPad employees a thing or two over the years. Jason is always looking for new and creative ways to utilize the software to improve his business. We are incredibly appreciative of customers like this, because they really do make our software and our people better. Not to mention, the time commitment they have made to ingraining SalesPad into their everyday work lives is substantial, and we could not improve without clients like this. 


The Team Player


This award is presented to Paul Cosaro, from Picnic Time Family of Brands. Paul was nominated by our support team because he is a fantastic client to work with. He has one of the best attitudes that our support team has ever worked with. When there is an issue, he approaches it as a team effort, and he gives his all to solve it. He communicates well and works really hard to understand the products and how he can get the most out of them. Paul is always willing to be a reference for our customers or prospects if they have questions and want to speak to a current user. He has engaged with our company beyond the surface level; he helps us create case studies (check out this one here) around our products and improve the way we do business.

The Giver


The Giver award was presented to Outlook Nebraska, a company who works to give back to their local community. This company truly exemplifies giving through their products, their people, and their culture. They inspire us daily to think beyond ourselves and consider the communities that we all serve through our business operations. At SalesPad, we strive to understand the issues that matter to and affect our employees, so that we can make the biggest impact in the areas we care about most. We love to work with customers that do the same. It’s truly inspiring to everyone here. Outlook Nebraska’s mission stems from their desire to overcome the challenges the blind and visually impaired experience when seeking gainful employment. Outlook Nebraska works to employ the visually impaired and offer them opportunities to realize their personal and career goals. This award is presented to them in order to recognize this organization for their continuous acts of kindness and their generous spirit of giving back.

Congratulations to all of our award winners! We are proud to have you as customers. Check out PANELS 2017,  if you are interested in finding out more about the event,  or check out our Facebook page for great photos from the event.  


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