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SalesPad Cloud with Sage Intacct

Here at SalesPad, we’re all about ERP. We devote ourselves to providing our customers with the smartest, savviest solutions for facilitating successful and profitable operations for product-centric companies. 

But our ERP systems are stuck in the mud without an accounting platform to work from. No matter how efficient and accurate your ERP operations are, if your accounting software isn’t the right fit for your business, you won’t see healthy growth. We like to think of ERP systems as the lifeblood of your company operations, and in this analogy, your accounting solution is the beating heart. So, pretty important. 

As a provider of this all-important ERP lifeblood, SalesPad offers two software solutions: SalesPad Desktop and SalesPad Cloud. SalesPad Desktop is meant for businesses that use Microsoft Dynamics GP as their accounting solution, and until just recently, SalesPad Cloud was meant for businesses operating out of QuickBooks Online. 

Drumroll please…

Sage Intacct for SalesPad Cloud

SalesPad Cloud, while still absolutely available for businesses using QuickBooks Online, is also available for companies running Sage Intacct! This integration has been a long time coming here at SalesPad HQ, and we’re very proud to roll it out. 

Sage Intacct offers a lot to its customers, including tools such as useful dashboards, a resource library, and a community forum, as well as a long list of available integrations (such as yours truly). If you’re in the market for a powerful, cloud-based system with a flexible platform, advanced functionality, and stellar reviews, Sage Intacct is worth a good long look. 

Sage Intacct vs QuickBooks Online

So what are the main differences between Sage Intacct and QuickBooks Online? Here at SalesPad, we think both platforms have a lot to offer their customers, but obviously there are going to be a few differences between the two options. 

Just to give you a benchmark before we get much further, in general, QuickBooks Online is geared more toward businesses with under 30 employees and an annual revenue of $10 million or less, whereas Sage Intacct tends to attract businesses with $5-250 million in annual revenue and 5-500 employees. 

No matter how efficient and accurate your ERP operations are, if your accounting software isn’t the right fit for your business, you won’t see healthy growth.

One of the biggest differences between these two softwares, though, other than target audience, is that Sage Intacct enables your business to become GAAP compliant. Running Sage Intacct in and of itself will not make your business GAAP compliant, of course, but Sage Intacct supports certain functionality, such as audit trails, that QuickBooks Online does not. This can be a very important consideration when evaluating cloud-based accounting platforms. If you intend to attract investors or sell your business at some point in the not-too-distant future, you need to be GAAP compliant, and Sage Intacct can help you get there. 

Here’s a quick list of some of the other key features that Sage Intacct brings to the table that are not available in QuickBooks Online: 

Both Sage Intacct and QuickBooks Online integrate with SalesPad Cloud in such a way that non-financial users at your company do not need to interact directly with your accounting software in any way. This provides an additional level of security that lets management sleep more soundly at night, and it frees up subscription money for users at your company who don’t need to have a Sage Intacct account. 

For example, because SalesPad Cloud handles the ERP aspects of your business’ operations, when using SalesPad Cloud in conjunction with Sage Intacct, the warehouse manager at your company doesn’t require a seat in Sage Intacct in order to see what orders have shipped today. She only needs access to SalesPad Cloud in order to get the information she needs to do her job. 

Sage Intacct is cloud-based, just like QuickBooks Online, so it’s always up-to-date and you don’t need to maintain any on-site servers to take advantage of its capabilities (and your IT department won’t have a nest of cables to trip over, either). It boasts virtually unlimited financial reporting functionality, makes short work of previously onerous manual processes, offers a long list of supplemental tools for various tasks (such as payment processing), has a pleasing, intuitive interface, and much more. 

In short, Sage Intacct is an awesome accounting solution packed with potential, and we’re so excited to feature it as one of our integration options for your business’ financial needs. 

If you want to learn more about how Sage Intacct interacts with SalesPad Cloud, or get some additional data on the differences between QuickBooks Online and SalesPad Cloud, reach out to us! We’d love to help you figure out what the best option is for your company.

Sage Intacct with SalesPad Cloud

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