Riverbank Run 2019: SalesPad employees give back by moving forward

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An eager team of SalesPad employees participated in the 42nd Annual Amway Riverbank Run on Saturday, May 11.

Over the years, the Riverbank Run has been a staple of SalesPad’s company culture, and this was the fifth time that SalesPad team members donned their running shoes and stepped out onto the streets of Grand Rapids to run for a cause.

Paul Deboer, Digital Operations Manager at SalesPad, says that community involvement is an important piece of SalesPad’s core values. “SalesPad has internal teams that focus on getting the employees involved in a lot of community activities, and that definitely influenced my decision to work here,” Deboer said. “SalesPad clearly cares about the Grand Rapids community.”

17 SalesPad employees participated in the race, spanning between the 5K run, the 10K run, and the 25K run.

In the 5K run:

Carina VanderMeer [ 44:02:56 ]
Emily Cefaratti [ 47:21:18 ]
Kreg Losinski [ 23:42:75 ]
Louis Nowlan [ 34:23:93 ]
Matt Hillman [ 25:23:69 ]
Paul DeBoer [ 23:50:35 ]
Sarah Massirio [ 44:02:49 ]
Shelby Swofford [ 42:25:54 ]
Wes Krug [ 32:25:10 ]
Alysa Callahan [ 1:04:38:09 ]
Megan De Freitas [ 1:04:38:09 ]

In the 10K race:  

Lara Brinkmeyer [ 1:32:57:89 ]
Matt Greyerbiehl [ 1:11:01:18 ]

In the 25K race:

Chris Callahan [ 3:34:02:23 ]
Jeff Reame [ 2:22:19: 40 ]
Kyle Steenbergen [ 3:22:49:27 ]
Zach Dodge [ 2:22:19: 35 ]

This year, the Amway Riverbank Run is funding five local non-profits with the proceeds. If you didn’t make the run, you can still make a difference in your community by using the links below to donate directly to these causes.

The Conductive Learning Center aids children and adults up to 26 years of age with motor-related disorders.
The Down Syndrome Association of West Michigan helps to provide adaptive devices and therapeutic resources for their members.
i Understand works towards providing support for those with mental health struggles, and helps with destigmatizing receiving care for mental illness.
The Jason Kinzler Family First Foundation supports children who have lost their primary caregiver with any burdensome expense they encounter.
Kids’ Food Basket provides nutrition for children at or near the poverty level, and works to educate them to make healthy choices throughout their lives.

SalesPad is proud to be a part of the Grand Rapids community and is already excited to gear up for next year’s run.

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