Plenus Group Inc.: A Customer Success Story

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Our users are some of the savviest and most versatile players in their industries, and we love celebrating their achievements. That’s why we chronicle their growth in our case studies — to show how a smart business strategy and a powerful business software are a recipe for success. 

One of our users that stands out is the Plenus Group Inc. Founded in the ‘90s and inspired by one sensational recipe for chowder, they’ve been growing and following their ambition ever since. Their claim to fame has been their ability to develop new menu items faster than their larger competitors. In order to do that, they needed a software solution that they could rely on. 

When PGI first started out, they were using a small, limited ERP solution to track their inventory. As they started taking on more business and expanding their operations, they needed a new system that could keep up. This is where we come in. 

Challenge #1: Gaps in communication

No business is an island, no matter the size or industry of your company. In order to function properly, you need clean lines of communication that run through every aspect of your business. While this is definitely basic functionality, it’s incredibly important. You may not spend lots of time strategizing on how to communicate better with your coworkers, partners, and customers, but you will certainly notice a difference if your communication is lagging. 

Solution #1: Automated documentation sharing and emailing

By tapping into SalesPad Desktop’s automation feature, they set pre-determined actions in their workflow. This automatically alerts the appropriate parties when certain actions are fulfilled. This way, everyone knows the status of a given order, and their role in taking it to the finish line. 

Challenge #2: Managing rapid growth 

PGI saw a huge increase in their sales in the span of just two years. With the size of the orders they receive on a regular basis, they simply couldn’t afford to play guessing games with their inventory. Unfortunately, their old system didn’t allow for much inventory visibility. 

Solution #2: Line item information 

When you’re making upwards of 70,000 pounds of soup a day, you need your sales documents to be easy to navigate. Without this ease of navigation, order details can easily get lost in the shuffle. Since they have such a rapid turnover rate for inventory, PGI decided to use SalesPad Desktop to implement line items on their sales documentation, in order to easily view item types, which gave them more precise inventory data to work with.

That’s not the end of their story! We’re beyond grateful to work with PGI as they continue to enjoy newfound profitability and growth. If you’d like to get the full picture of how their operations transformed with a little help from yours truly, hop on over to the full case study here!

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