Payment Integrations In New SalesPad Desktop Release

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SalesPad has just released its latest version of the premier add-on for Microsoft Dynamics GP with new payment integrations and electronic data interchanges.

SalesPad Desktop, formerly known as SalesPad GP, version 4.5 is out with new seamless integrations for electronic-data interchanges (EDI) through SPS Commerce and simplified order-to-cash workflows for sales and payments through Nodus Technologies, Inc. SalesPad Desktop simplifies sales document entry by providing an intuitive and all-in-one order entry, inventory, and sales management solution.

By connecting SalesPad EDI to SPS Commerce’s leading cloud-based platform, users can eliminate manual entry of purchase orders, sales, notices, and invoices with trading partners. SalesPad EDI uses an intuitive, rule-based workflow that provides complete control to receive purchase orders that generate sales documents in SalesPad Desktop and Dynamics GP, send advanced shipping notices and invoices, and make inventory inquiries.

In integrating with Nodus Technologies’ PayFabric and Credit Card Advantage, the solution enhances GP users’ experiences with electronic payment processing directly in Desktop. In addition, PayFabric moves point entry, storage, and transmission of credit card information and other data from Desktop and its customers’ environments to a secure cloud location.

Nodus Technologies and SalesPad are also working on integration of PayFabric with SalesPad Cloud, which provides back office and ERP functionality for Intuit® QuickBooks® Online.

Other Desktop 4.5 improvements include:

  • Receipt transactions (RTV): Creating and editing receipt transactions.
  • Dispatch: Route scheduling and optimization.
  • Customer item numbers: Generating and maintaining customer item numbers.
  • Sales line distributions: Updating per sales line item for distribution accounts.
  • Purchase line distributions: Updating per purchase line item for distribution accounts
  • Purchasing Advisor: Enhancements for user interface, speed, performance, and purchasing from vendors by buyer.

For more information on SalesPad Desktop; SalesPad EDI, powered by SPS Commerce; and integrations with Nodus’ PayFabric and Credit Card Advantage, contact SalesPad by email at [email protected] or by telephone at (616) 245-1221.


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