PANELS: An Expert’s Guide to Thriving at the 2019 Convention

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Whether you’re a PANELS veteran or it’s your first time attending, there’s bound to be surprises in store for you this year. Even though PANELS will be teeming with SalesPad employees who will be more than happy to answer your questions, these action-packed days might seem overwhelming at first glance.

To help your PANELS planning process, we’ve compiled some of the major benefits of the event and past pieces of wisdom. This blog is our ultimate guide to PANELS, that will ensure smooth sailing and optimum efficiency. You can start getting excited for your PANELS adventure now.

Learning In and Out of Sessions

Past attendees have loved the PANELS sessions, but they often agree the biggest advantage of attending isn’t just the wealth of knowledge from the sessions themselves, but the pieces of advice they picked up from interacting with fellow SalesPad customers.

Every business has their individual needs, and our clients, whose work spans from food service to flooring, have shown us that there’s almost unlimited ways to use our software. PANELS provides the perfect opportunity to learn about the different ways users make the software work for their unique business operations. Many attendees have learned about new features this way, and have carried that new wisdom into their day-to-day business strategies.

Networking Opportunities

The intellectual opportunities that await you during the PANELS aren’t the only way you and your company can benefit. Over the course of the event, SalesPad will be hosting after-party events that provide perfect opportunities to mingle with other SalesPad users, partners, and employees.
When you register, you’re invited to join us for the opening night party at the Grand Rapids Public Museum for drinks, appetizers, and live music. Getting the chance to mingle with other business owners and operators is sure to strike inspiration and foster valuable connections for your company.

Beyond getting to know your industry peers, PANELS also gives you the chance to take a look behind the curtain and get to know the SalesPad employees you’ve been interacting with.

Get to Know SalesPad Employees

Beyond getting to know your industry peers, PANELS also gives you the chance to take a look behind the curtain and get to know the SalesPad employees you’ve been interacting with. Clients can meet support and implementation staff face-to-face, and connect with those who work behind the scenes developing their software.

Are you still wrestling with that one feature you just can’t crack? Is there a specific, burning question you’re hoping to finally find some resolution for? The face time you’ll get with SalesPad employees can help answer your lingering questions, and you’ll have established a lasting point of contact for any future questions you might come across. 

To fully leverage these connection opportunities, make sure to take advantage of the facility tour of SalesPad to see where all the magic happens. The “Dinner with the Devs” event at the end of day 2 is also a great opportunity to meet SalesPad employees. Enjoy an outdoor barbeque and learn about the strategies and techniques that go into creating the programs that allow your business to run smoothly, all while getting to know the people who work hard to make that happen.

If you have questions that you want answered before PANELS, check out our FAQ page.

Free Food — Need We Say More?

One of the greatest stressors of visiting an unfamiliar city is the pressure to find the perfect place to eat. You can put in the time and research, but several hours and dozens of Yelp reviews later, you may not be any closer to narrowing your options down. Luckily, your breakfast, lunch, and dinner are covered in your registration price for PANELS, so that potential added stress and expense are no more.

Also, having your food covered significantly cuts down any outside expenditures you may have anticipated for this event. Now, you can spend your money on that novelty Grand Rapids-themed mug that you’ve been pining for.

Your Travel Troubles, Solved

PANELS takes place across several different locations, giving you the opportunity to journey around the Grand Rapids area and experience all the excitement the city has to offer. If the idea of driving around town is making you see dollar signs, don’t worry — we’ve got you covered. SalesPad employees will be there every step of the way to make sure your travel time is hassle-free.

When you arrive at the Gerald R. Ford airport, we’ll be there to greet you as you get off your flight. We’ll direct you towards your hotel and help you locate transportation to get there. Over the course of the three days of PANELS, we’ll also provide bussing between the hotel, the conference center, and our facility.

Behold, the PANELS 2019 app

The 2019 PANELS app will be your one-stop shop for organizing your life at PANELS. Sure, it has a complete list of sessions, times, and locations, but it’s so much more than a scheduling tool. You can also chat with other attendees, read up on our speakers, and even get notifications about when shuttles leave and arrive so you can plan accordingly. Be on the lookout for the app before you head off to PANELS!

The educational networking event of the summer is coming up soon, so don’t forget to download our app to get updates about the event, build your schedule, and way more handy features. We can’t wait to see you there!

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