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What is order processing?

order processing daily def

Order processing includes all steps taken to fulfilling a customer’s orders. We can break this down into three main processes: picking, packing, and delivery. Warehouse workers can create a workflow to improve these processes and easily determine their roles.

An example:

In order to experience order processing in a digestible way, we’ll walk you through a sample workflow. It all begins with an order invoice sent to the warehouse.

This order consists of a few different camping gear items: a tent, a few sleeping bags, and thermal socks. Once the order is in the right hands, you can begin the “picking” phase. This consists of collecting each item on the order from your shelves.

Next, the worker moves the inventory to the packing area. This is where workers place items in the packaging they’ll be shipped in. Finally, once you’ve ensured that you’ve packed all of the necessary items for the order, it can then be labeled and shipped to the customer. Your order will run through several different sectors of your warehouse, so designing this process to avoid bottlenecks is essential.

Our two cents:

In conclusion, order processing is a challenge for any company, especially if you don’t have clear expectations about all the steps that go into your process. By nature, these orders move through many different hands, and the opportunity for things to get mixed up is high.

This is where implementing a workflow helps you out. Your workflow helps make processes easily repeatable, which also bodes well for your order accuracy. If employees know exactly what they’re doing each time, and have an example to consult, it’ll greatly improve your efficiency.

If you’re looking for ideas on how to improve your order processing speed and efficiency, check out our blog on some processing best practices. 

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