Meet the Unsung Heroes of SalesPad Desktop

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Hidden heroes in SalesPad Desktop

Unsung heroes in SalesPad Desktop make the workday easier.

If you’re a SalesPad Desktop customer or regular reader of our blog, you’re already familiar with our heavy-hitting features. You most likely know quite a bit about workflow, customer cards, the purchase advisor, and all those other headliners. You saw them in a demo, or maybe had a discussion with your sales rep about them, or you’ve downloaded a fact sheet or watched tutorials about them.

There’s always more to say about these pieces of functionality, but they’re not the only great things about our products. Each of our software products has hidden gems, or “unsung heroes”, scattered throughout. These are the invaluable little tools or shortcuts that our customers find incredibly useful as they use SalesPad Desktop as part of their average workday.

We wanted to take a moment to call out some of these unsung heroes to give them some of the attention they deserve. Read through to make sure you’re not missing out on all that SalesPad Desktop has to offer!  

Search Grids

The search grids in SalesPad Desktop are powerful tools that everyone should be utilizing. From the auto-filter row and drag-and-drop column views to the various search dropdowns, the search grids will help you find what you need, quickly and easily.

SalesPad Desktop grid and filter options

Click the orange triangle to reveal filter and grid options.

Security Groups

Top-notch security is vital when running business software accessed by a large number of employees, which is why SalesPad puts a heavy emphasis on empowering users to create highly customized security groups for their company. Control who has access to what, who can edit what, what scripts are available to which groups, and more, all through the security settings in both SalesPad Desktop and SalesPad Cloud.

User Defined Fields

If we didn’t provide you with the exact field you need, simply make it yourself! User Defined Fields, or UDFs, are fields that you create for your particular company. For example, if you’re a company that needs to record additional product information on sales lines, such as whether or not the product should be gift-wrapped, you can create a field that displays that information and follows the product through the entire order process.

Each of our software products has hidden gems, or “unsung heroes”, scattered throughout.

Purchase Order Generation Plugin

Depending on your company’s workflow, the Purchase Order Generation plugin can be an incredible timesaver. If your company does a lot of dropshipping, this plugin can eliminate the need to manually issue a purchase order after a sales order has been entered. The Purchase Order Generation plugin isn’t our only quietly heroic plugin, though — SalesPad Desktop’s plugin library is vast and powerful. Take a look and see if there are any hidden gems in there that you should be using!

Un-dock Tab Feature

Did you know that you can un-dock a tab in SalesPad Desktop, to put it on a separate screen? Simply right-click on the tab you want to un-dock, then select “Un-Tab Window.” Viewing multiple tabs at once is a great time-saving practice that our customers use to minimize those clicks.

Un-Tab feature in SalesPad Desktop

Right-click on the tab and select “Un-Tab Window” to break out that tab into a new window.

Customer A/R Statement

When a Customer A/R statement is generated from within SalesPad Desktop, you have the option to send just the summary or send the summary with PDF copies of the unpaid invoices. This option can be leveraged to eliminate inbound inquiries from customers requesting copies of invoices when an A/R statement is sent. If you send out a lot of A/R summaries, that’s a lot of calls and emails you can avoid by taking advantage of this functionality.

Updatable Quick Reports

All reporting in SalesPad Desktop is designed to be easy, powerful, and flexible, and quick reports really put those qualities to great use. As just a small example of how useful they can be, updatable quick reports can be used to track inventory transfers back and forth between multiple storefronts/warehouses. With updatable fields in a quick report, users can directly key in the number of items to transfer, or leave it up to the calculation written into the report to populate the value..

Vendor Special Costing

Everyone loves a discount, and Vendor Special Costing is a great way to recognize and reward vendors with discounts based on quantities. Without this feature, you would need to rely on a separate spreadsheet or vendor price sheet to calculate the quantity discounts, plus remember to enter the correct discounted price on your purchase order.

There’s always more

We could go on, but these are just a few of the unsung heroes our customers have identified as being incredibly useful in their day-to-day operations. Do you have a favorite feature that didn’t make our list? Let us know in the comments! And don’t hesitate to reach out to us to learn more about any of these features, or to get more information on what else SalesPad Desktop has to offer.

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