LED Lighting Solutions: A Customer Success Story

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Celebrating Customer Success

LED lighting case study

Here at SalesPad, we’re motivated by solutions. In a world overflowing with pain points and bottlenecks, we see radical re-imagination and opportunities for growth. We’re helping our users identify and harness their great potential so that they can pilot their company to new heights. That’s why we share our customer success stories — to celebrate their achievements in spite of their challenges. LED Lighting Solutions is just one such story of exciting, distribution-centered success.

While LED Lighting Solutions is a successful and robust company, they felt that they could do with some key improvements. LED’s employees felt that their business software solution was long overdue for an upgrade, so they decided to move to SalesPad Cloud. You can read their full quest for success in their case study, but here are a few highlights from their experience.

Expanding without growing pains

LED Lighting Solutions started out as a family business focused on servicing their immediate community. Over the last few years, they’ve grown into an international company. Since last year, LED Lighting Solutions has quadrupled their sales — an impressive achievement. However, with their growth came a large influx of orders that needed to be tracked and managed, a task that the employees didn’t take lightly.

With SalesPad Cloud, they found the cherry on top of their already promising growth. They handled all this new demand without hiring any additional staff. Dennis Hands, CEO of LED Lighting, attributes this to their workflows created in SalesPad Cloud. With this, LED employees had a roadmap for their day-to-day operations. Workflows make processes easily repeatable, and they eliminate the hassle of running into bottlenecks during order processing.

By implementing a workflow, LED employees had an easy way to track their order overall processing, making them more efficient. Workflows also provide a quick way to track an individual order’s status. There’s never any question about what your next step is when you’re counting on a workflow in SalesPad Cloud.

Servicing customers with ease

Like any great company, LED Lighting knew that quality customer service was a high priority. As their company grew, they had to find ways to easily access and update the huge influx of new customer information. When you’re on a call with a customer, you don’t want to waste precious time tracking down their information. Without a solid ERP system in place, customer relationship management can be a real hassle, which could lead to disgruntled clients.

LED Lighting’s customer service team uses SalesPad Cloud on a daily basis. It’s easy to look up a customer’s past orders, as well as active ones. This way, they can provide up-to-the-minute updates on the package’s tracking number and anticipated delivery date.

“We’re able to give the best customer service we possibly can with SalesPad Cloud,” said Hands.

And more!

If you’re curious about the reporting and accounting platform integrations for SalesPad Cloud, check out the complete LED Lighting case study here.

Everything we’ve covered so far is really just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to SalesPad Cloud’s capabilities. We designed SalesPad Cloud to work for companies regardless of size or industry. We also work with companies that have all different levels of familiarity with ERP solutions.

While some of our customers migrate from existing ERP solutions, many of them found their first ever business software answer with SalesPad Cloud. Learn even more about SalesPad Cloud by reaching out to one of our product experts. We’re eager to help you radically transform your operations.

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