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Don’t call it a comeback! We’re here with a new entry in our Integration Spotlight series!

Your ERP solution works hard for you, and aims to service every part of your business software needs. However, you always have room to further specialize your solution. By adding some powerful integrations, you can up your efficiency and increase your effectiveness in ways you may have thought impossible.

Integrations are the key to making a solution work for you, which is why we’re highlighting some of our favorites in this series. This week we’re focusing on our integration with KwikTag your documentation management dream come true.

Some background on KwikTag

KwikTag is designed to improve your Dynamics GP experience, plain and simple. They’ve taken the hassle out of tracking down documentation needed for your day-to-day operations. With KwikTag, you can integrate directly into Dynamics GP and access any document you need instantly from within either Dynamics GP or Kwiktag!

In other words, the days of frantically tracking down files and searching through desk drawers are gone. With KwikTag, you can move your company towards a digital document database. If you start with digital copies of your documents, you can 1) find documents easier, 2) send to relevant parties faster, and 3) avoid losing important files.

KwikTag is also directly integrated into more than 75 Dynamics GP screens, meaning you don’t have to leave Dynamics GP to search or store related content. The integration advantage means that you’ll have easy access to documents and data without having to run two programs. It’s like an extra power boost to your existing operations that’ll streamline your processes at every turn.

Putting it together

When you’re working in a product-centric industry, you have an enormous amount of documents to keep track of. This includes customer orders, sales records, and any documentation used to track items as you pick and pack shipments.

KwikTag, when integrated with SalesPad Desktop, touches on four main areas: sales documents, customer documents, vendor documents, and purchase order documents. You can cover anything that handles a financial transaction with KwikTag. You can use this feature in an additional tab on your usual screen, which allows for easy access at any step of your processes. From here, you can finally add and view your documents from one easy place.

Document management can change your day-to-day operations, but you can also change your workflow on a grander scale, including:

  1. Customer Relationship Management. With easy access to a customer’s past and current orders, you can smoothly track their order history and locate any documentation they need in seconds. The easier you can access your customer’s information, the faster you can assist them, and the happier they’ll be.
  2. Inter-office communication. Juggling purchase orders and sales documents as they move through various departments can be tricky. You can easily lose or forget to send them on, which throws an unnecessary wrench in your progress. However, with KwikTag, you can cooperate with other branches of your company with ease.

In the end

In conclusion, KwikTag is an integration that brings a lot of added power to the table. Without the help of KwikTag, the burden of tracking down all the necessary documents related to an order rests on you, and wastes precious time and energy. With this digital solution, you cut the hassle out of your operations. Then enjoy smooth sailing on the seas of documentation.

For more information on KwikTag, you can check out this quick video that explores their integration in even more depth.

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