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shopifyNo one wants some generic, one-size-fits-all solution — “one-size-fits-all” means that it’s perfect for exactly nobody. However, by nature, running a business means you have to specialize in many areas. You need to be able to track and manage your inventory, organize all your documents, and of course, be able to sell your product. That’s why your integrations are a critical part of any operations-driven software. They’re more than just the cherry on top, they’re an integral part of your software solution sundae.

At SalesPad, we believe in doing what we do best — inventory management — but we also want to provide a solution that covers all your bases. So, we unite with other platforms that perform different tasks throughout the order-to-cash distribution process. That’s the power of integrations, to unite everyone’s greatest strengths under one specialized roof.

Shopify: Ecommerce done right

This week, we’re taking a closer look at our Shopify integration. Simply put, Shopify helps you create and manage your ecommerce presence. With bigger competitors offering impressive convenience in their platforms, it’s important that smaller operations can go to the mat too. With Shopify, you can meet customers where they are: online.

No one is excluded from the benefits of integrating with Shopify. If you’re a decades-old, well-known local business looking to expand into the online sphere, Shopify can help. If you woke up this morning with a burning desire to sell your homemade jewelry online, Shopify can help. Their ecommerce expertise is relevant to anyone. If you can sell it online, Shopify can help.

Shopify set up

Shopify offers services to help you start an online business from scratch. From creating your company’s branding to creating an actual store front, they’ve got the know-how you need to get started.

They’re also keen on helping existing brick-and-mortar operations migrate to an online store, or to expand upon their in-person operations. They’ll help you get your existing catalog up and running, and help you flawlessly transition your operations so you can keep up with business as usual.

Of course, Shopify also welcomes users who’ve spent far too long on a different ecommerce platform that just isn’t delivering. They’ll help you make a clean transition, regardless of the system you’re moving from.

Don’t just watch, manage

So, if Shopify covers the transactional end of business, where does SalesPad come in? Keeping pace with your inventory, that’s how. An online store is not an island; every piece of your operations funnels into it, starting all the way back at the warehouse. You can keep track of all your inventory movement in SalesPad, and by integrating with Shopify, use that tracking to inform decisions as you sell.

You’ll know exactly how much of a particular product you have to offer, and you’ll never run the risk of over-selling. You’ll also be able to assess your sales data from Shopify through SalesPad, to help determine your customer’s purchasing trends. This can also help in notifying you when you need to re-order popular inventory, or help determine which of your products aren’t great money-makers.

Getting to the root of it

Your inventory management strategy is just as essential to your online business as the actual website. With Shopify, you’ll find ecommerce can be simple, but that’s only if you keep a close eye on your warehouse. Without an inventory management strategy, you’ll have little to no visibility of the big picture. There are bigger questions to ask that your sales data alone can’t answer — what was the best selling item last month? Can we fulfill orders faster to knock down shipping times? At what point do we know we actually made money? These answers lie in your warehouse and inventory management strategy.

It all circles back to employing a powerful inventory management solution, that allows for useful integrations like Shopify, in order to streamline your operations. If you’re in the market for a more flexible, less limiting way to run your business, get in touch with us! We’re eager to help you start dreaming bigger.

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