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We’re back with another installment in our Integration Spotlight series. As ERP evolves into a postmodern architecture made up of relevant modules, finding specialized integrations that fit the specific needs of your business is becoming increasingly necessary. This time around, we’re focusing on a shipping integration for SalesPad Cloud: ShipStation.

What does it do?

ShipStation does exactly what it sounds like, and using ShipStation is one of the fastest, easiest ways to get products to your customers. It allows you to compare real-time rates and delivery times for all carriers, then automatically select the best carrier for each shipment based on cost and delivery time, making your shipping operations that much smarter. With ShipStation, all the tools you need to exceed your customers’ expectations are right at your fingertips.

ShipStation also boasts a set of automation rules that give you second-to-none order and shipping automation options, enabling you to complete any multi-step shipping task in seconds. Automate product lists, attributes, filters, presets, tags, rules, auto-routing for fulfillment, and more. If your brain can think of it, ShipStation can automate it.

How does it work in SalesPad Cloud?

SalesPad Cloud integrates directly with ShipStation to ship packages using nearly any carrier you can think of. Once the integration is up and running, you can configure it to allow shipping on orders or invoices. In SalesPad Cloud, you can then select the option to ship the document, which sends the shipping address, line item information, and shipping method to ShipStation. 

Once the shipment has been completed in ShipStation, SalesPad Cloud will forward the document in the workflow, receive the shipping amount, and show tracking numbers from ShipStation. From that point forward, the tracking information can be printed on any necessary forms.

ShipStation and SalesPad Cloud

What’s in it for you?

Better rates.

Thanks to ShipStation’s tremendous volume, they receive negotiated rates that are usually reserved for Fortune 500 companies. Of course, if you have better negotiated rates, you can use those, too.

Peace of mind.

Rest easy knowing that both you and your customers can check in on every order you ship, whenever you want to, using your own custom tracking page featuring your company brand, colors, social media icons, and messaging. There are a few benefits to doing this:

  • Customers can follow packages with geo-tracking
  • You avoid sending customers to non-branded carrier tracking sites
  • You eliminate those “Where’s my package?” calls from customers
  • You increase both your seller ratings and repeat purchases

Customer loyalty.

The shipping experience you create for your customers is a big part of your company’s brand image. ShipStation lets you drive customer loyalty with branded communications throughout the shipping process by:

  • Integrating your logo, CRM messaging, and social media links
  • Customizing emails, labels, and packing slips
  • Using an exclusive branded tracking page and returns portal

More sales and higher seller ratings.

More often than not in this tech-savvy era, online shoppers will check a store’s return policy before purchasing. That means a great returns process can make a huge difference in the success of your business, and that’s also where ShipStation’s self-service Returns Portal comes in. It lets you:

  • Give qualified customers instant access to return labels
  • Set custom rules for your return policy
  • Select the best carrier service for your returns
  • Know what is being returned with real-time tracking numbers

If a seamless shipping integration is something you’re after, look no further than ShipStation. To see how well ShipStation and SalesPad Cloud work together, reach out and schedule your own personalized demo. We’ll be happy to help you determine whether or not ShipStation is the right fit for you and your company.

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