Integration Spotlight Part Two: PayFabric

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Utilizing integrations for your ERP platform is the future of efficient operations. At SalesPad, we make it our goal to offer integrations to cover any and all requirements that your product-centric business may have, and to minimize or completely eradicate any need to work from multiple solutions for your payment processing, ecommerce solution management, and customer management solutions. 

We’re continuing our integration spotlight series with part two, this time turning our focus to the powers of PayFabric. 

What does it do?

PayFabric is a cloud-based solution that functions as a streamlined center for processing payments, as well as tracking transaction and revenue history across multiple platforms and applications. It keeps the data stored in one main hub for optimal data integration and the most up-to-date analytics. It saves time, and offers great benefits by ensuring security and allowing for an adaptable user experience.   

What sets it apart? 


PayFabric is a huge time saver — gone are the days of running multiple programs at once, struggling to get the full picture of your payment activity with your data scattered to the winds. PayFabric can be configured for several payment gateways, allowing you to manage data across multiple platforms, websites, and applications, while still ensuring that every facet of your credit card-oriented operations remain in contact with each other. 


PayFabric also removes sensitive payment data from your local database, building security that’s stronger and simpler. It contributes to achieving PCI compliance, and is encoded with a security algorithm equipped with personalized access settings to manage who is privy to what information. With this kind of sensitive data, you want your customers to rest easy knowing their financial information is kept under lock and key. Point of entry, storage, and transmission of credit card information are all kept secure in PayFabric’s cloud, reducing your liability and keeping private data out of harm’s way.  


PayFabric is designed to create a customized experience, allowing for flexibility at every stage. It’s available for integration across desktop, cloud, and mobile solutions, so no matter what setup your business is working with, PayFabric is tailored to respond accordingly. Its universal nature allows you to accept payments from all major international card brands and from multiple channels, including apps, websites, and CRM platforms. PayFabric not only works to process ecommerce and over-the-phone transactions seamlessly, but also in-person payments at brick-and-mortar locations. As long as you have access to supported PAX devices in your physical location, all of your payments can be processed and stored directly. 

Who is it for? 

While PayFabric appeals mainly to merchants — product-centric businesses that frequently deal with processing recurring online payments —  a wide variety of users stand to benefit from the ease-of-use it provides. However, the bottom line is that anyone who needs to process payments can benefit from PayFabric, regardless of industry, software solution, or size. No matter who you are, PayFabric is equipped to handle your payment processing needs. 

If you’re in the market for a simplified take on payment processing, PayFabric is well worth your consideration.


Pay Fabric fact sheet

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