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Whether you are starting a new company in  Great Plains and SalesPad Desktop, or just updating your current data in the system, you often have to face the stress of manually entering all those records in Microsoft Dynamics GP one by one.

No need to worry about that anymore. Desktop has a powerful tool called Import Manager that allows you to mass import data into Desktop from an Excel spreadsheet or CSV file. With just a few clicks, you can add thousands of items in your database, or create prices and inventory with the same ease.


Importing data from an Excel spreadsheet or CVS file using the Import Manager is simple and requires only a few steps.

For instance, say we need to create new items in Great Plains. We start with our data in a file like this:

The import definition is saved for future use; this way we don’t have to create a new mapping every time, making the import even faster. Now that we have the definition ready, all we need is to click “Run Import,” select the file to open, and run the tool. Within a couple of seconds (depending on the amount of data), we imported our new items into Great Plains and SalesPad.


Certainly not. Import Manager is not only for item numbers.

Currently, this tool supports the following tables:

  • Alternate Item
  • Custom Price (Special Pricing)
  • Inventory Adjustment
  • Inventory By Location
  • Item List Price
  • Item Master
  • Item Price List
  • Purchase Line Item (on existing Purchase Orders)
  • Sales Line Item (on existing Sales Documents)
  • Vendor Item

So, for instance, after we imported our items through the Import Manager, we can add pricing (list price and/or price list), and the inventory (this will require posting in GP). After that, everything will be ready to be used in sales documents.

But what if I need to import data to a table that is not listed?

At SalesPad, we strive to make our product more powerful and complete, and we appreciate requests of customizations that help our flagship application become better.

We often receive requests to add new table definitions to the tool. So, if you are in need of importing data into a table that is not currently available, let us know and we will be more than happy to add it. To learn more about setting up and running Import Manager, visit our support documentation.

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