How Hoy Shoe Co. is sizing up business management success

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Hoy Shoe Co. was a business on the rise before they adopted SalesPad Desktop. They were expanding at an impressive rate, and with their growth came more opportunities. They were moving into international markets, reaching more customers, and had ties with major shoe retailers including Nordstrom, Zappos, and Dillard’s. On the surface, it seemed as though everything was running smoothly. But despite their commercial success, Hoy Shoe Co. was struggling.

Although they had made major advancements in other areas, Hoy Shoe Co. was still operating with a software they had been using since the 90’s. What they eventually learned was that you can’t measure your business’ health based solely on revenue. Your business needs visibility into your pipeline and access to inventory data in order to thrive, and that sort of thing doesn’t just materialize. Hoy Shoe Co. needed the right business management software to help them hit their stride.

It was time for a change.

Now, with SalesPad Desktop implemented, Hoy Shoe Co. is enjoying increased revenue and improved control over their operations. You can read their entire story here, but if you’re looking for the highlight reel, we’ve got it. Here are a few of the major areas that they were able to vastly improve their operations.

  • Customer Service. We’ve all heard that the customer is king, but no one takes this to heart more than our friends at Hoy Shoe Co. Your business management software is capable of great things beyond just keeping tabs on your inventory — your improved overall organization can really punch up how well you interact with the people purchasing your product. Hoy Shoe Co. realized this, and called on the powers of SalesPad Desktop to further prioritize their relationships with customers.
  • Order Entry. With a selection as extensive as theirs, and with big name partners relying on them, Hoy Shoe Co. couldn’t choose between speed and accuracy in their order entry processing. They needed both, and they found that with one very specific SalesPad Desktop software feature that offered them an entirely new way to enter their (overwhelming amounts of) data.
  • Perfect Picking. How does an international company with enormous demand manage to go an entire year without a single mispick? There’s no enchantment in the soles of their shoes — just a well-organized, tech-savvy warehouse that’s keeping them running smoothly.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg

Now, we couldn’t possibly fit all of Hoy Shoe Co.’s outstanding achievements in one short blog post. We’re eager to continue celebrating their success, and we think their journey with SalesPad Desktop is an encouraging one. If you’re considering a move in your business management software territory, this case study is a great place to start. You can take note of a few best practices for putting your software to work, but we’d also recommend starting a wish list of things you want your software to accomplish.

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