How an IT distributor conquered moving to the cloud

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Diversity IT moves to the cloud

What feelings do the words “cloud software” make you feel? Fear? Hesitation? Intimidation? For SalesPad customer Diversity IT, “cloud” became synonymous with “cost-savings.” Here’s their story.

The Struggle

Diversity IT is a California-based distributor, specializing in selling and repairing IT equipment, giving new life to technology hardware that is broken or has fallen into disrepair. They’re dedicated to delivering top-notch customer service at every turn, which means they needed a software solution that could make them more efficient without sacrificing accuracy.

When they adopted SalesPad, they were originally hoping to save some cash on licensing costs and a reduced number of employees needed to operate their software. They’re not alone in this mission, either. In fact, medium- to small-sized operations find cloud software to be 40% more cost-effective than staying with an on-premises software. But Diversity IT ended up with much more than a bargain they found their long-term answer to many of their efficiency issues.

The Answer: Cloud Software

After getting familiar with SalesPad’s powers, the employees of Diversity IT noticed four major areas of improvement.


When Diversity IT first adopted SalesPad, they were already looking to the future. They assumed SalesPad would be their transition software. However, cloud technology impressed them. As purveyors of technology themselves, they quickly realized that staying with cloud services kept them on the cutting edge of industry trends. This allowed them to better service their tech-based clients.

“We’re taking out IT equipment for people who are moving to the cloud,” said Jeremy Place, Chief Operating Officer at Diversity IT. “Companies are no longer installing on-premises equipment at their data centers.” With his own clients moving to the cloud, Jeremy saw no reason to move himself backward. “We’ve been on SalesPad Cloud now for four years,” he said. “And we’re going to stick with the cloud services.”

Inventory management powers.

Because of their unique and varied catalogue, Diversity IT often found themselves overwhelmed with inventory. With a constant influx of goods coming their way, they needed a lightning-fast and accurate way to update their inventory counts. They found that SalesPad made adding and removing inventory a cinch.

They also discovered that juggling inventory across their two locations was much easier with SalesPad. “It’s really easy to adjust things in and out, make sure that data is accurate. That’s probably where it helps us out the most,” said Jeremy.

Easy ecommerce tools.

Weighed down by inefficient processes, Diversity IT struggled with maintaining their ecommerce platforms. They often found that they had more inventory on their hands than they could list on their website. Bottlenecks emerged, slowing down their entire order processing process before it had begun. Luckily, SalesPad offered the perfect solution: automation.

“If I don’t have to pay someone to do it, and it’s automated, it’ll get done quicker and we’ll have more listings and therefore we’ll get more sales.” said Jeremy. By leveraging SalesPad’s integration with Sellbrite, they were able to eliminate the hang-ups that come with all that manual work. 

Speed of order processing.

With manual listing now a thing of the past, Diversity IT’s order processing speeds soared. “It takes me about one to two minutes to process an order,” said Tanner Huibregtse, Diversity IT’s ecommerce specialist. SalesPad’s user-friendly interface made inputting orders a much quicker process.

This new-found speed stayed consistent not just from the input side, but throughout their entire order-to-cash cycle. SalesPad helped Diversity IT to easily keep track of inventory by cleanly housing all item data in one location, whether it was being picked, packed, or shipped. They could now get true visibility over their entire order-to-cash process — the most important tool for any distributor.

The Final Word

In the end, moving to a cloud-based order-to-cash solution gave Diversity IT the best of all worlds. They were able to expedite their processes without sacrificing accuracy, all while spending less money than they would have with an on-premises solution. Their story is a testament to the power of the right solution. However, while it may seem like their case is an ideal one, it’s not at all uncommon. SalesPad users often see these kinds of radical results, which is why they renew their licenses 92% of the time.

If you’re curious about what SalesPad can do for you, start by reading Diversity IT’s success story in their own words. After all, your distribution story could have a similar happy ending.

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