Happy Holidays from SalesPad!

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Happy Holidays from SalesPad!

You know accounting, and CRM, and sales order processing
Barcoding, shipping, reporting, and purchasing
But do you recall
The most strategic software of all?

SalesPad, the ERP software
Has a really good workflow
And if you ever used it
You would forget all your woes

All of the other software
Used to crash and fail to save
They never let poor SalesPad
Show them how to best behave

Then one snowy Quarter Four
The Budget came to say
SalesPad with your processes so tight
Won’t you guide our operations tonight

Then all the C-suite loved him
As they shouted out with glee
SalesPad, the ERP software
You’ll help us make so much more money!

Happy holiday season to you and yours from all of us at SalesPad. We hope this season brings you joy, peace, and a period of relaxation before the new year begins.

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