Get to Know Kyle Steenbergen, Quality Assurance Technician

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What is your title and role at Salespad?

I’m a Software Quality Assurance Technician. As a QA Tech, my job is to test through any changes made to our software applications before it makes it into the hands of our customers.

How do you deliver the biggest impact for (or deliver value to) our clients?

Testing any changes made to our software, be it bug fixes or new features, allows us to ensure the best possible experience for our customers by ensuring everything functions as expected. It also gives us the opportunity to provide direct feedback on our software from a user-focused viewpoint and ensure that any custom solutions meet or exceed the customer’s expectations before delivery.

What makes SalesPad stand out from other software programs?

One of the most impressive things about SalesPad to me is how it takes all of the existing information in Microsoft Dynamics GP and presents it to the user in an organized and modern fashion. All of that organization is added upon with the ability to automate processes through a workflow in both our Desktop and Cloud products saving countless man-hours for our customers.

What is something unique that you bring to the table to strengthen our team? 

I absolutely love anything having to do with puzzles and problem-solving. An important part of software testing is finding ways to ‘break’ things by using them in unexpected ways and being able to treat my work like a big challenge for me to try and solve every day makes it feel like a fresh experience for every ticket that I have the opportunity to test through.

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