Get to Know Jacob Pegg, Senior Consultant

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What is your title and role at Salespad?

Senior Consultant

How do you deliver the biggest impact for (or deliver value to) our clients?

We’re the ones responsible for bringing to life the customer’s vision based on what was presented to them by the sales team. We are also adept at solving complex problems for customers. It isn’t possible to capture every use case/problem that a customer has during the sales process, so once it is in our hands, we often have to get creative in figuring out how to solve some new wrinkle that is uncovered while going through the implementation process.

What’s a brief example of a way you’ve seen strong order-to-cash methodology bring real-world improvements for a customer of ours?

We worked with a customer to more fully utilize sales workflow to email invoices instead of printing/mailing them to customers. As a result, they were estimating annual savings in excess of $40,000 on postage alone.

You’ve been on the SalesPad team for a while – how have you seen the company grow or evolve?

There were only 6 of us when I started in a space with a single office. Matt W. got the one office and Sarah Ellis sat out in the foyer at a semicircular receptionist desk. It’s funny to look back on that in comparison with the number of people and our current office space. Another thing that is fun to look back on is the evolution of our company website. Looking back at what we had in 2008 vs. what we have now is astonishing.

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