Fabrikam Day: After 10 Years, It’s Time to Celebrate Again

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Wednesday is a time to celebrate: Happy Fabrikam Day!

While it might sound like a holiday that’s made up, it isn’t. Well, not entirely.

FabriKam is Microsoft’s environment for its Microsoft Office System Solutions Learning Platform. Microsoft first made FabriKam available in 2004 to developers, with the focus being hands-on training using “typical scenarios and (to) implement business process(es) that are common to most enterprises.

For learning purposes on Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft created Fabrikam, Inc., a fictitious 10,000-employee furniture manufacturer, as a demonstration company for users to learn with.

The very first Fabrikam Day was April 12, 2007, the date the Fabrikam demo company defaulted to for the sample company in Dynamics GP. That was the year Microsoft changed the name of GP’s sample company from The World Online to Fabrikam.

Mark Polino, an Orlando-based Dynamics GP consultant, proposed in April 2016 that it was time for another Fabrikam Day. He figured so because the Fabrikam default date in the test company had been April 12, 2017, for nine years at that point.

The celebration has many supporters within the Dynamics GP community, including Amber Bell of Training Dynamo.

“I know that it is a little silly to make a big deal about a date that someone in Fargo picked so many years ago,” she wrote in her company blog.

“I have used Fabrikam (and its predecessor company: The World Online) since I started working with Microsoft Dynamics GP. I feel like Aaron Fitz (the first customer) is an old friend!”

This is a great tool whose very existence helping the GP community grow deserves feting. Join the celebration by sharing photos tagged #FabrikamDay on Twitter.

Happy FabrikamDay everyone!

— Rick Martinez

Rick Martinez is Marketing Communications Manager at SalesPad.

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