Ecommerce success isn’t just for the big guys

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Ecommerce success is acheivable.

If you run a distribution business and think that your ecommerce operations simply can’t compete with the likes of Amazon or Walmart, think again.

Ecommerce plays a critical role in your operations. When breaking down the stages of your business’s order-to-cash cycle, “sell and order” pops up as the first stop on the journey. This makes sense, as you can’t make money without selling your products, right? This doesn’t mean that sales are more important than other stages of your order-to-cash cycle (such as replenishment). It simply means that it’s easy to think of the sale as the first step toward making a profit.

Go toe-to-toe with the ecommerce competition

In many ways, being a smaller distributor gives you an edge in the ecommerce battle. Your smaller size gives you a nimbleness and agility that those big, clumsy titans can’t pull off. Use this to your advantage — look for those golden opportunities to wow your customers and pull ahead of the pack.

Right about now, you might be bracing for the flip side of the coin. You’re waiting for the big reveal that smaller distributors must sacrifice functionality because it’s beyond their scope as a business. Those industry giants are wielding tools that you could never compete with.

This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Outfit yourself with the not-so-secret weapons

The tools you need to challenge the ecommerce juggernauts are well within your reach. The key is to look deep into your operational strategy, then strengthen your weak spots until you’re an unstoppable profitability machine.

What do we mean by operational strategy? It’s really pretty simple — your operational strategy is your fleet of software solutions that fuel your order-to-cash cycle. When you equip yourself with the right software products, integrations, and best practices, you lay the groundwork for healthy growth, in the ecommerce realm and throughout the rest of your business.

But back to ecommerce, and that critical first stage of your journey toward profitability. If you want a handy list of practical steps you can take to level up your online selling game, download our ebook and read all about them.

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