CRM System For Your Mobile Device

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Everyone tries to live by the K.I.S. method: Keep it simple.

Sales teams have talented individuals who possess varying abilities with technology. Trying to force a complex CRM system might not be the most successful adventure a company has ever done; however, simplifying the interaction process and making it applicable to your businesses workflow can make it more successful.


The whole point of a CRM system is to record the conversations with customers and to organize one’s appointments.

If gaining access to this information is difficult, there is little point in using the app or software. Look for a CRM system that can integrate with the planner or calendar that your business uses (i.e. Outlook, Gmail, etc) and ensure that obtaining the notes left from previous meeting are properly attributed to a customer, and is easy to get to.

This all sounds simple enough, but you’d be surprised how often a sales team is forced to work with technology that looked pretty in a demo, but can’t cut it on the front line.

— Jeff Stowe

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