Cracking Counter Sales: Quick Order Entry for Walk-in Customers

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You probably have a pretty set idea for which features in your ERP software are relevant to your specific needs. It’s easy (and sometimes efficient) to fall into a routine, especially if it’s working well. But alas, the present always becomes the future, and we find that we have to start planning for the unlikely if we want to maintain the success we currently enjoy. 

For the typical B2B operation, most transactions happen between manufacturers and wholesalers, with very little opportunity for direct interaction with customers who come in from off the street. However, staying flexible and employing a scalable ERP can help your company prepare for anything, even in the unlikely event that you’ll have to fulfill a B2C transaction with a new customer. So, the question is, how can you perform both B2B and B2C transactions from one system? 

Counter Sales — that’s how! This feature is the perfect way to ensure that your company is equipped for any and all transactions that may require unique functionality; it’s the savvy distribution company’s answer to B2C transactions. 

Counter Sales is one of those features that make up the overall flexibility of SalesPad software — it’s there if and when you need it. Here at SalesPad, we’re all about preparing for any possibility, and making sure you have the solutions to back it up when the time comes.  

What IS Counter Sales? 

For those who are unfamiliar, Counter Sales is a feature that gives distribution companies the ability to sell products directly to customers without needing an entire store-front setup and a full POS system. Using Counter Sales takes the hassle out of dealing with walk-in customers, and ensures that they won’t need to create an account with you if they’re just looking to make a quick purchase. Counter Sales is also handy for managing off-site transactions, allowing you to offer ecommerce accessibility to your customers.  

Even though Counter Sales isn’t a full POS system, it does boast some powerful features that will keep you in touch with your inventory. 

Relevant for all Business Models

Your company may be worried that this new arena of B2C will complicate your inventory tracking and management, but fret not — Counter Sales works with that in mind. It has an optimized inventory and customer lookup, keeping you abreast of every move your inventory makes, whether it’s going to a distributor or a walk-in customer. 

Counter Sales also keeps a log of all past customers, so if one of your customers does want to buy directly from your physical location, you can easily look them and their order history up, instead of starting from scratch because you weren’t prepared for this request. 

The Counter Sales feature is simple to use and doesn’t require any extended knowledge about SalesPad Desktop. It functions as its own unit, so if you have staff who exclusively run your drawers for onsite sales, they only need to be trained with Counter Sales. They can create invoices, search through any open documents, and access a customer’s order history, but you can adjust their user permissions to make sure they only have access to the screens they need to see. 

The Implications of Counter Sales: Flexibility 

Counter Sales functions as a happy medium for B2B companies who are looking to diversify their earning opportunities. With this feature, distribution and wholesale companies can stick their toe into retail, and open up a whole new avenue of profit, without making any major changes to their existing software. You don’t need to restructure your model or find a different system to process B2C sales — you can have the best of both worlds. 

If you’re interested in implementing Counter Sales, check out our fact sheet to learn more about its functionality and how it could work for your business. 

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