Challenges of a CRM and How to Avoid Them

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Common mistakes for customer relationship management entries begin with the creator of the notes not following a prescribed process.

An example of this is when a prospect treats a sales call poorly, and the CRM entry is one of frustration and hurt feelings. This confuses and taints any further interactions with the customer, as it associates this prospect with either enmity or fear.

No matter what relationship is built with the prospect, that one emotional note can stay with the relationship forever.

This can also work in the reverse, where some entries in the CRM create an environment of favoritism. Spending too much time on one customer and not spending enough attention on others can be a slippery slope. Managing one’s emotions by understanding the necessary content of an entry is invaluable in these instances.

Incomplete or shorthand notes provide little to no value to the sales team if an entry is not decipherable.

The CRM notes should allow someone who hasn’t connected with a customer or prospect, to pick up right where the conversation left off with clear and concise entries. This can be avoided with a set expectation and a clear example of what a CRM entry should look like. That being said, it may also be a useful tool for a CRM to have an audit log for the sake of evaluating who might need to improve the quality of their CRM entries.

Scheduling challenges involved with a CRM are centered on the user not paying attention to the process of creating an event. All too often in the rush to get to the next item on one’s busy schedule, they either set the wrong date, the wrong time, or the wrong venue. This is easily avoided with an established process put in place that encourages double-checking one’s entries.

Having the ability to go back and edit the entries to better reflect the desired appointment time, place and date is also advisable. Avoiding these pitfalls boils down to having an established process and a professional attitude when using your CRM. Having a framework in place allows us to stop, think, and help our future selves be successful.

— Jeff Stowe

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