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What is central dispatching?

Central Dispatching

Central dispatching is the term for when all dispatch functions are consolidated to one central location. Data collection technology is usually a key element — this is because mobile data collection makes accurate communication throughout the dispatch process a smooth process. Warehouse management systems rely on dispatching services to keep trucks, inventory, and drivers organized and productive.

An example:

If your warehouse uses dedicated software to manage your fleet of trucks and drivers, that’s an example of central dispatching. Such software allows you to see the schedules and locations for both trucks and drivers, plus planned routes and more. All from one convenient interface.

The data collection element is important when managing a mobile fleet for several reasons. When you combine a mobile data solution with your dispatch operations, you ensure that all that inventory you have out on the road is going where it needs to go, and that it’s getting there on time. Barcodes empower your drivers to accurately track inventory when on the road. Look for a dispatch software that includes data collection, or for a way to integrate the two applications.

Our two cents:

Whenever you add a new piece of software to your business processes, you risk complicating procedures or compromising data accuracy. Too many cooks in the kitchen can easily lead to inaccurate reporting, redundancies, and wasted time.

It’s well worth your while to look for ways to consolidate software applications, or at least the providers. Opting for a solution that plays well with your ERP system, or better yet, is part-and-parcel of your ERP system, minimizes potential problems that may crop up. Ask your ERP provider which dispatch integrations they’ve already vetted, or if they have a dispatch opting within the ERP software itself.

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