Building an Order-to-Cash Strategy to Scale with Your Business

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Your software solution should scale with your company growth.

We’ll say it: a software solution that doesn’t scale with your company won’t do you much good. As soon as your company starts growing, a poor system will hold back your order-to-cash operations. When growth is the name of the game, who wants to add “find a new software suite” to the to-do list when there’s already more than enough for you to focus on?

When your business is going through a season of growth, scalability in your software suite is a must. What is it, exactly, that makes a software setup scalable, though? We published an ebook on just that a while back, but for the sake of a refresher, here are a few critical components.


A solution that offers crystal-clear visibility into the health of your business is a solution that is looking to the future.

Just seeing the numbers isn’t enough, though — you need to be able to work with them. How difficult is it for you to pull a report analyzing the current profit margins on your existing inventory? Scalable software solutions put an emphasis on ease of access when it comes to data and reporting.

There’s more to visibility than just reporting, though. Visibility helps you really see into your workflow, sales pipeline, and the overall state of your business operations. After all, you can’t move forward if you are unable to see where you are right now.


Anyone carrying a smartphone in their pocket is essentially carrying a computer loaded with dozens of integrations. In the same way that apps added to a phone help you fully utilize this powerful machine in the palm of your hand, integrations added to a business software suite enhance what your company is capable of achieving.

Solutions that don’t offer a host of available integrations aren’t looking to the future, and therefore will struggle to scale alongside your company. On the other hand, a solution outfitted with a healthy suite of integrations is your ultimate companion when working towards that next milestone.

Handling all aspects of a thriving, product-centric company’s digital operations is a herculean task that requires a team of capable players.

Think of your software solution as Iron Man, or maybe Captain America — it can take on a lot, but when paired with a couple of strategic, complementary sidekicks (like Black Widow or The Hulk), it’s able to accomplish infinitely more. Integrations are a key piece for accelerating the order-to-cash puzzle.


Believe it or not, automation doesn’t have to mean big, complicated, and pricey. Automation is simply a smart solution that eliminates redundant manual labor.

Simple or complex, automation is absolutely the way of the future, and a scalable software solution is designed to accommodate that. Many business software solutions have automation functions built right in. For example, automatically forwarding a sales document through its designated workflow is a form of automation.

If there are no automation options out-of-the-box, they might have to be added as either an integration or customization. No matter the form it takes, though, your solution needs to be able to support your automation needs.

But wait, there’s more!

You wouldn’t want your company to stagnate over time; why should your software solution be any different? The examples above are just the starting point for building an order-to-cash machine that will scale with your company as it grows.

To get the whole picture of what scalable order-to-cash operations look like, make sure to download the ebook!

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