BlenderBottle Company Opts for a Better ERP Solution by Switching to SalesPad Desktop

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We at SalesPad can crow about ourselves all day long, and maybe that will convince you to partner with us, but one of our satisfied customers crowing on our behalf probably carries a bit more weight (well, way more, actually). To that end, we periodically sit down with one of our customers to check in with them on how SalesPad is working for them, what improvements they’ve seen in their business because of SalesPad, and how they’re feeling about our products overall. We find it helpful as we seek to improve and expand our products, and we hope you find it helpful as well as you hunt for the best software for your business.

Blenderbottle Company Opts for a Better ERP Solution by Switching to Salespad Desktop with Microsoft Dynamics GP

One of our most recent case studies features BlenderBottle Company, located in Lehi, Utah. They design and manufacture products geared toward active lifestyle customers, and their iconic shaker cup is the go-to beverage container for both novice and pro athletes alike.

Before partnering with us, BlenderBottle needed a new ERP system; their current solution simply could not handle the company’s rapid growth. The system would lag, freeze, or corrupt data on an almost daily basis, making normal business processes incredibly frustrating and time consuming. And that’s where SalesPad Desktop, the powerful add-on for Microsoft Dynamics GP, came in. Head on over to our website to read the complete case study.

Key Benefits Gained with SalesPad Desktop:

  • Powerful ERP system that grows with the company
  • Ability to handle complex sales channels and logistics
  • Coordination with other platforms via Web API
  • Flexibility and adaptability through UDFs and scripting
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