Auto-Forwarding Queues in SalesPad Desktop Workflow

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Auto-forwarding queues are steps in SalesPad Desktop‘s Workflow where additional rules or process plugins can be applied to a document without needing the user to manually forward the document.

Auto-forwarding queues are simple to set up and can be used on any document type that a Workflow can be built around. They can also be chained together to automate several processes in a row without the user needing to interact.

The most common use for an auto-forwarding queue is printing.

For example, a printed form could be needed when the user forwards a document to a queue; an auto-forwarding queue can pop up the print dialog box for the user to select the form that needs printing, moving the document directly into the next queue. Auto-forwarding queues gives an easy, error-proof way of notifying the user that a document needs to be printed before it continue in the Workflow.

Combining auto-forwarding queues with processing plugins is another powerful way to use them.

Take the printing example above. Instead of popping up a dialog box that the user uses to the select the form, we can alternatively use the Smart Printing plugin. This plug is activated when the document moves through the queue and can be used to print and/or email one or more documents to several locations without any user input.

There are a variety of other ways auto-forwarding queues can be used to accommodate any business’ unique needs.

— Jacob Peacock

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