ATS Traffic: A Customer Success Story

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ATS traffic case study

Here at SalesPad, we define ourselves by our customer’s success. We’re driven by radical improvement, in whatever form it takes. Whether that’s decreased order fulfillment time, more reliable reporting practices, or a more comprehensive warehousing strategy, we look forward to celebrating each of those wins. Big wins or small, we love them all! 

Take a Closer Look

ATS Traffic is one such customer who improved their operations in a big way. ATS supplies intelligent traffic sign solutions. They stayed on the cutting edge of their industry for decades by providing their customers with signs that exceed the necessary standards in their industry.

As 50+ year veterans of the industry, they are no strangers to the challenges of running a product-centric business. Complications rose to the surface, though, as they continued to experience exciting growth. 

A Solution Emerges

ATS manages their business across seven different locations. Prior to implementing SalesPad, each entity operated relatively independently of the others. Because of this, ATS struggled when attempting to get every entity of their company on the same virtual page.

ATS knew they needed an ERP system that could bring their software solution needs and various locations into one well-defined, cooperative existence. That solution they were looking for came in the form of SalesPad Desktop. 

Sales Order Management

When it comes to generating and managing sales order information, ATS now leans on SalesPad’s user-friendly Sales module to keep all their information in perfect order. Despite monitoring a wide range of data from many different locations, SalesPad makes it easy to get quick access to customer information, and simplifies training for new users. 

Big Picture Visibility 

With a more streamlined ERP system, increased visibility into your order picking, packing, and fulfillment process is a given. But understanding your operations on an order-by-order basis does not a fulfillment strategy make. With SalesPad Desktop, though, ATS now has the ability to look at their progress from a more global perspective. This provides meaningful metrics for individual department heads as well as their executive-level staff.

Business Process Review 

After implementing SalesPad Desktop, ATS continued on their path towards radical improvement by participating in a Business Process Review. We sent our business experts to their office and warehouse to conduct a deep-dive into every nook and cranny of their operations, hunting for processes that needed a little TLC. This outside perspective led to a customized workflow that helps standardize ATS’s processes across the board. 

With the combined strength of their ingenuity, dynamic product, and the power of SalesPad Desktop, ATS traffic is in a totally new and improved age of operation. You don’t have to take our word for it, though. Jump over to their complete case study to see how they describe their success in their own words. You’ll be glad you did. 

ATS case study CTA

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