American Storage and Logistics Shelves Old ERP in Favor of SalesPad Cloud

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We believe in better business. It’s why SalesPad exists, and because of that commitment to improvement, we jump at the opportunity to connect with our satisfied customers and gauge how our software is working for them. We’ll periodically check in to see how SalesPad is working for them, what improvements they’ve seen in their business because of SalesPad, and how they’re feeling about our products overall.

For our latest case study, we sat down with Grand Rapids, Michigan-based American Storage and Logistics. Before using SalesPad Cloud, they were operating from a homegrown ERP system that was more of an elaborate set of Google Sheets than an actual ERP solution. The average time to create a quote was up to 20 minutes, and there was a slew of issues relating to pricing, as each sales rep was responsible for describing and pricing out the different inventory items on each order. Tracking customer or vendor purchasing history was next to impossible, visibility into their pipeline was cloudy at best, and there were several large accounting hurdles as well.

In short, American Storage was overdue for a complete systems overhaul. That’s where we came in.

When American Storage made the switch to SalesPad Cloud, it opened a whole new world of business possibilities. Employees can now log in from anywhere, whether it’s at home, at the office, or at the local coffee shop. This flexibility means that inventory finances are more accurate and easier to control, giving Wiese and his employees access to project-specific gross profit, monthly and weekly gross profit, and more.

Now that they’re operating from QuickBooks Online and using SalesPad Cloud to manage their inventory, American Storage is able to make better decisions as a company, and they have crucial insight into how those decisions affect their bottom line. Head on over to our website to read the complete case study.

Key Benefits of SalesPad

  • Faster quoting and order fulfillment
  • Accurate order and inventory history
  • Access to crucial inventory data
  • Better reporting capabilities



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