Achieve Growth By Optimizing Distribution Systems

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There are opportunities readily looming for retailers, manufacturers, and distributors when it comes to distribution. The key is to make the right moves and investments with focus.

It is about “improving existing distribution systems (and) incorporating digital technology” to enhance supply chains, said Rod Sides, Deloitte Consulting LLP vice chairman and U.S. Retail and Distribution Leader.

“Retailers with optimized distribution systems and enhanced supply chains will be at a competitive advantage this year,” he said in Deloitte’s 2016 Retail and Distribution Industry Outlook. “While supply chain and distribution costs are not necessarily rising, consumers increasingly expect faster delivery at the same price point”

That means investing in supply chains to “provide faster and more efficient fulfillment,” Sides said.

He adds that it’s also a matter of “not only improving their distribution and supply chains, but … also identifying alternative fulfillment methods by better leveraging existing real estate.”

While Sides is talking about the retail and distribution industry, that outlook extends beyond those sectors into manufacturing.

Distribution, e-commerce, and warehouse fulfillment space exceeded supply last year and that situation is expected to persist through 2016, according to Jones Lang LaSalle’s industrial outlook for 2016.

For small- and mid-sized distributors, manufacturers, and retailers in this environment, moving inventory while focusing on high volume with low margins is key. It’s a matter of efficiency and flexibility, particularly when it comes to Sales Order Processing (SOP).

That is where SalesPad Desktop’s all-in-one inventory, orders, and sales management solution integrating with Microsoft Dynamics GP can help.

SalesPad Desktop handles more than just transactions. Create and maintain sales and purchase orders using Desktop; do purchase orders; link purchase orders to sales orders; and make it easier to create SOP-to-POP links. In extending the power of Dynamics GP for distribution, SalesPad GP brings added functionality for workflow, order entry, CRM, inventory, and sales management for desktop and mobile devices.

An intuitive software solution that turns Dynamics GP into a malleable tool, SalesPad Desktop is scalable, customizable, and cost-effective for businesses seeking to expand their functionality and efficiency for distribution.

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