A SalesPad Carol

 In Company Culture

twas the night

‘Twas the holiday season and all through the warehouse

Not a box was misplaced, not by man or by mouse 

The inventory was managed by the foreman with care

He knew all about it, knew how much and where

The bosses were nestled all snug in their offices

Confident that their data could deliver on promises

When out on the floor there arose such a clatter

You sprang from your desk to see what was the matter

Was it mismanaged purchase orders? Was it backordered stock?

Was a customer angry? Were the accountants in shock?

When you burst on the scene you then sighed with relief

For the clatter was nothing to cause any grief

It was Nicholas the Picker, all a-tremble with joy

He’d just gone one year with no mispicks- oh boy!

All those barcodes and cycle counts really paid off

Bringing much better workflows and not a single tradeoff

So you settled back in with your bar charts and coffee

And took a small nibble at your sweet festive toffee

But you heard Nic exclaim, ere he skipped out of sight


Happy holidays from all of us here at SalesPad! We’ve had a great year learning and growing alongside you, and we’re looking forward to another year of exciting Operational ERP progress ahead!


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