70 Percent of Americans Own EMV Chip Credit Cards

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Seventy percent of Americans now have electronic chips in their credit cards, a new report issued Thursday shows.

Fifteen percent don’t and 14 percent aren’t sure, according to the study commissioned by CreditCards.com.

Thirty million of those received their chip-enabled cards since October 2015, the deadline for the United States credit-card industry’s EMV® structure to reduce fraud and monetary losses. Since then, merchants unable to accept EMV chip-enabled cards are financially responsible for fraudulent charges.

The changeover means the phasing out of the swipe-and-sign credit cards in the United States with ones having the chip, named after its original co-developers Europay, Mastercard ®, and Visa ®. Chip cards are considered more secure because they prevent skimming of the information on the magnetic strip that can be used to make duplicate credit cards, said Rob Cameron, Moneris Solutions’ chief product and marketing officer.

Meanwhile, it appears retailers have a long way to go. The technology’s adoption rate by retailers, as of mid-February, was estimated at 22 percent by Boston Retail Partners and 37 percent by The Strawhecker Group.

Moneris Solutions is among the integrations SalesPad offers to help businesses with credit-card payment processing and EMV compliance.

For CardControl users, SalesPad’s integrations also include 3Delta Systems, Authorize.Net, BluePay, FirstData, Moneris Solutions, PayPal, and Vantiv. CardControl allows processing credit card payments in  SalesPad GP (which is transitioning to SalesPad Desktop)SalesPad ERP; or Microsoft Dynamics GP.

SalesPad is working with Nodus Technologies on integrating Nodus’ PayFabric and Credit Card Advantage (CCA) platforms with SalesPad Desktop.

“Consumers have the chip-enabled cards and are looking to use them,” Cameron said. “We’ve certainly seen an increase in interest from our merchants in moving toward EMV-enabled terminals.”

Princeton Survey Research Associates International conducted the survey for CreditCards.com, which is owned by BankRate; the report also showed that:

  • 16 percent say it takes too long to process transactions.
  • 12 percent say not enough retail outlets accept EMV cards.
  •  Men are more likely than women; college graduates are more likely than non-college graduates; and urban and suburban residents are more likely than those in rural areas to have chip-enabled cards.

EMVCo, LLC, was formed in February 1999 to manage the chip system, and now also includes American Express, JCB, Discover, and UnionPay.

How flexible is your credit-card processing solution?

Got a question about EMV chip cards?

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