6 Ways to Put Your Next Vacation to Work

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To small business owners, vacation time is a big deal. And, in most cases, as mythical as unicorns or mermaids. Simply put, most small business owners don’t put much thought into ski trips, safaris, or tropical getaways. Am I right? Well, maybe it’s time to start rethinking time off. The following things might make a little time off worth while, giving you the change of venue you need to stay inspired, and the exposure you need to expand your network.


Social Media Content

What’s the state of your social presence? Often times, businesses fall into a rut and could use some new, interesting, or just play fun content to share on their social media profiles. An exciting adventure or unique travel experience lends itself to seeing, learning and being inspired by new surroundings – all of these things are worthy of tweets, pins, vines, etc. Use your vacation to reup on some quality social content.



You’re a small business owner; odds are you know how to strike up a conversation in plenty of diverse settings. Use those social skills while you travel. Whether it’s discussing with your tour group what you do for a living or making industry small talk with others over a drink at the bar. Wherever you go on vacation, you will find plenty of opportunities to talk to new, interesting people. Well, unless your idea of vacationing is a soul searching vision quest in the middle of no man’s land.


Build trust in your employees

You’re smart. If you have employees you made sure to hire those most fit for the job. Good help is hard to find, but luckily yours is the best, right? Well a vacation is the perfect time to show that you trust their skills, knowledge and experience by leaving them with additional responsibilities so you can vacay with confidence. They may surprise you in a positive way, as your trust in them could inspire better performance, in an effort to show you just how capable they can be.


Ideation time

Part of staying in business is staying ahead of the curve. Sometimes seeing trends can help a company stay fresh and develop new and innovative ideas to ensure lasting success. And, time away from the job means time for thought. Use downtime during your vacation to think of ways to grow or expand your business. Maybe you’ve been meaning to create the perfect ad campaign or put together a proposal for expansion. It could be as simple as making a plan for the week after you return. Either way, time off can be time well spent.


Competitive research

Before you leave for, well, wherever it is you’re going, do a little background check on the surrounding market. Is there a business similar to yours nearby? This is a great time to pay any competitors a visit. See what they’re all about. Learn how they operate. Observe how well-received they are by the locals. You may be on the brink of a new market opportunity. If anything, you may learn a new trick or two about the competition and their consumers. Take notes.


With all of this in mind, maybe it’s time to for a little R&R, and R&R — rest and relaxation, and rethinking and research. Don’t feel guilty leaving your business behind for a vacation, be excited to return with ideas, knowledge and inspiration. Make the best of your time having the time of your life. Cheers.

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