4 Ways SalesPad Mobile Can Improve Your Sales Process

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4 Ways SalesPad Mobile Can Improve Your Sales Process

Here are four simple ways that SalesPad Mobile can improve your sales process both in and out of the office:

  1. View Sales History: SalesPad Mobile has a variety of mechanisms for viewing open and historical Sales Documents. Open documents can be tracked via Sales Monitor, which can conveniently organize them based on their Batch and SalesPad Desktop Workflow. Additionally, both open and historical documents can be viewed via their customer, allowing the user to know exactly what the customer has ordered in the past. Such up-to-date information ensures that sales representatives have the best possible preparation for any sales situations.
  2.  Convenient, Accurate Sales Order Entry: While entering an order via SalesPad Mobile, a sales representative has all the information they need at their fingertips. Be it inventory information, customer CRM notes, sales history, or even item images, a wealth of knowledge is available without having to contact the home office. Additionally, orders entered in SalesPad Mobile are written directly into Microsoft Dynamics GP, ensuring accuracy and eliminating excess work manually recording the order.
  3.  Take Payments On Site: Out of the box, SalesPad Mobile iOS supports entering cash, check, and credit card payments, as well as deposits into Dynamics GP. Whether it is a small cash payment or a large credit deposit, a sales representative can enter the payment on site and without having to make use of any additional software. By combining SalesPad Mobile and CardControl, users can also process credit card authorizations, charges, and captures via major payment processors directly from their iOS device.
  4.  Confirm Orders via Email or Print: Once an order has been completed in SalesPad Mobile, it can easily be emailed or printed as confirmation for customers or users. Android and iOS devices can print customized DevExpress reports directly to any AirPrint capable printer. Additionally, standard sales document receipts can be printed via Bluetooth to supported Zebra printers.

— Alex  Rodriguez

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