3 Ways a Business Process Review Can Breathe New Life into Your Company

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We’ve got some bad news and some good news. The bad news is that no business runs perfectly all the time. We have a nagging suspicion you probably knew this already, so even though it’s bad news, you’re probably not surprised by it. The good news is that any business, no matter how well run, can be improved. How you choose to improve is a challenge in and of itself, but we’ve got the ideal tool to help tackle that very challenge head-on.

A Business Process Review (BPR) can be just what the doctor ordered if your company has been stable for some time but unable to produce the new growth you’ve been pushing for. A BPR is a deep dive into your business, its products, operations, and processes. We want to see you shine — and a BPR is the first step in helping your systems get you there. Maybe there are parts of your system that aren’t getting used to their full potential, or maybe you’ve got a few steps in your daily processes that are cutting into the time you’d rather use for dance lessons.

Whatever the reasons behind your desire for continuous improvement, we think a BPR could kick start your business into new levels of productivity. Here are a few of the ways they’re great for breathing new life into your business.

Increase efficiencyBy identifying the bottlenecks in your business, a Business Process Review enables you to increase the efficiency of your processes. Many of the recommended changes from a BPR are immediate and easily doable, and putting them in place will help you start saving time and money right away.

A BPR does more than just identify pain points, though. In addition to finding where the challenges are and what causes them, a BPR establishes the measures necessary to overcome them. Eliminating or minimizing pain points is a surefire way to boost the efficiency of your daily processes.

While some of the changes suggested during a BPR might be ones you can implement immediately, the best value comes in the form of the larger, more significant process changes that revolutionize the way your business does certain things. These bigger changes, such as setting up the perfect workflow for each sales document type, might take a little more elbow grease to put in place, but once they’ve been set up, you’ll quickly start to see some impressive returns.

Maximize profit and growthOne of the most enjoyable results of improving your business processes is the extra time it gives you to do more of what you love. Whether it’s a Friday of fishing or investing time in a new area of your business, a BPR will help realize those goals.

Sure, getting rid of choke points increases efficiency by granting time to focus on other tasks, but it also maximizes the opportunities to increase profits. What used to take someone all day might now only take an hour or two. With that free time, they can now focus on additional responsibilities or work on getting more of the same tasks wrapped up.

The growth potential provided by reinvesting newly available resources is enormous. Areas that previously caused headaches can be ironed out and improved. When operations run smoothly, there are less internal stressors, leading to higher employee engagement and productivity.  We’re guessing we don’t have to tell you that higher productivity is needed for healthy business growth.

Leverage existing functionalityERP systems are pretty complicated, so it’s no wonder if there are some parts of the application that you might not be familiar with. Finding out what your ERP is capable of and then leveraging these additional pieces to their full extent will help you get the most out of what you’re paying for. A good Business Process Review will give you a close look at the best ways you can improve the efficiency of your business across multiple departments by utilizing the software you already have.

If you aren’t using everything your ERP has to offer, you’re paying for functionality that isn’t giving you any return. A BPR outlines the areas where your system isn’t being used to full effect and recommends ways to use more of the functionality offered, which will generate a higher ROI. One of the ultimate goals of a BPR is to help companies use what they’ve already paid for. There’s no need to purchase an additional solution when you can make use of what you already have right at your fingertips.

Pull it all together
Getting a Business Process Review is all about taking the next steps toward success for your company. A BPR leaves you with a tangible and actionable evaluation of how you can improve your business. It will help you understand the strengths of the ERP you already have, improve your operational efficiency, and best of all, grow your capability for increasing profits.

Chances are, if you’re eager to grow your business but aren’t quite sure how to do it, a BPR is just what you’re looking for. Still not sure if it’s right for you? We’ve put together a little quiz to help you find the answer.

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